A Third Fairy Odd Parents is spin-off for Fairly Odd Parents. Main character is Tina Tribune instead of Timmy Turner


Series is directed by Butch Hartman. Have same actors like normal Fairly Odd Parents, but Olivia Olson voiced Candace and Maulik Pancholy voiced Gotam.

theme song

Tina is an average kid that no one understands
Mom and Dad and Kevin always giving him commands.
The doom and gloom
Up in her room
Is broken instantly
By her magic little budgies
Who grant her every wish
'Cause in reality
They are her...
OddParents, Fairly OddParents!
Olive: Wands and wings!
Quincy: Floaty crowny things!
OddParents, Fairly OddParents!
Really mod, pea pod, buff bod, hot rod!
Tina: Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice!
Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!
OddParents, Fairy OddParents!
It flips your lid
When you are the kid
With Fairly OddParents!
Kevin: Yeah right!

All Right! Cartoons episodes

episode name summary air date tittle card
The Third Fairly Odd Parents ( episode ) Tina Tribune is ten-years old girl and first time must have babysitter. Her babysitter is her older brother Kevin who is mean, so Tina and her younger brother Josh becomes misertable... to time when get her Fairly Odd Parents January 17, 2012
Giant Problem After Francis´s abuse, Tina want be biger than Francis. But begin grow and becomes biger than school building! January 20, 2012
Tribune Reunion Tina go to Tribune family reunion. But part of her family is her terrible cousin Bella Tigmifico. Tina wishes to make from Bella cat. January 21, 2012

Season 1 episodes

episode name summary air date title card
The Third Fairly Odd Parents the movie opening movie. Tina and her fairy godparents must save a world, because to earth go aliens January 22, 2012
Miss Popular Tina hate to be unpopular, so wish to become popular. But when becomes too many popular, become selfish and lazy January, 23 2012
Love Triangle ( TFOP episode ) Kammy is crush to very cute fairy baby named Grim Goldenblow. But problem is Anti-Kammy is crush too... Next day is school performance and main character must kiss another main character. Main roles are Kammy and Grim. Anti-Kammy re-write script, to make herself main character January 24 2012
Egyptian Problem Tina is on vocation with friends and family in Bulgaria, but is bored, so she wish to be in Egypt pyramid. But problem is when wake up mummy according to old curse. January, 25 2012
T.O.Q.C.F.K Tina wish for talking car, who named T.O.Q.C.F.K ( inicials of she and her fairy family ). January 26 2012
Trip of Doom Tina is bored, so go to little trip... but this " little " trip become biger than she was mean... January, 27 2012

Season 2

web shock

Tina wish for her own web show... and made new relationship with her cousin Bella

January 28, 2012
Raid of anti-babies!
First 30-minute episode. Anti-Kammy, Anti-Cutie and Anti-Flynn are attacking on fairy world and Tina, Bella, Quincy, Olive, Josh, Cutie, Kammy, and Flynn have to save both worlds! April 27, 2013
It's About Time ( TTFOP episode ) Tina's future self give to Tina essay. Homever, fair and honest Tina don't want cheat so she decide to give this essay to her past self... how it can end?


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