The Rise of Trixzilla
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Air date April 6, 2020
Written by User:BCPX095LS
Directed by Butch Hartman
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The Rise of Trixzilla is an upcoming TV movie. It focuses on Trixie Tang becoming a super gluttonous, voracious, greedy giantess after eating a unstable magic wand that causes her to gain eternal hunger.


The movie begins with Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda heading to Fairy World to gain new wands after Timmy's last wish causes their old wands to overload and explode. Jorgen Von Strangle is about to give Cosmo and Wanda their new wands, but when Cosmo asks if he can have that cool, mysterious wand, Jorgen refuses as it is very unstable and dangerous as it could cause trouble as it hasn't been tested properly. However, Cosmo's stupidity causes Jorgen to drop the mystery wand down to Earth. It lands somewhere in Dimmsdale.

The wand has landed in Trixie Tang's house, but in a baguette she is making. Trixie finishes adding the last tomato and sits at the table to enjoy it. Unaware of the wand that's in her sandwich, she eats and swallows it whole.

Jorgen is worried about what kind of damage the wand would do and Wanda promises him they will find it before it's too late.

Later that night, Trixie's stomach rumbles from hunger, and eats all the food in her house. But she is still hungry and goes out to find more food. Trixie finds a horde of alley cats and devours them all and becomes more obese and falls asleep.

The next morning, Veronica and the other popular kids find her sleeping on a bench and are freaked out by her weight and hears her stomach rumbling. Trixie wakes up and realizes she is late for school and they all head there, while they feel uncomfortable about her being so fat. Timmy gasps in shock when he sees her overweight and wonders how did she get so fat in just one day. Cosmo and Wanda are not so sure but maybe it have something to do with the mystery wand, which concerns Timmy and goes to find out. Chloe thinks Trixie is either having a eating disorder or is just overeating, but Timmy correctly points out that is something with Trixie and is not herself.

In class, while Crocker is writing on the chalkboard, Trixie is getting hungier as she didn't have breakfast. So she steals a giant cookie from Chester and eats it. Crocker angrily tells Trixie not to eat in class. But Trixie is still hungry and sneaks out of the class room and heads to the caferteria and starts eating all the food. Timmy secretly escapes the classroom and discovers Trixie devouring all the food in the cafeteria.

However, Trixie gets larger and fatter in size and looks at Timmy hungrily and advances towards him, which frightens him and runs down the hall. A Hall Monitor shows up to tell Timmy not to run in the halls, but ignores him and continues running. Confused, the Hall Monitor turns around and sees Trixie right in front of him. A terrified Hall Monitor tries to walk away, but Trixie grabs him and eats him whole.
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