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another fanfic of Fairly oddParents by Jtsfan13


Anti-Cadde tries to open up a wormhole to Dimmsdale, but is running low on magic, so she steals magic from some of the other prisoners, but Binky the guard sees Anti-Cadde, so Anti-Cadde freezes Binky so he coulden't squeal and launches his wand out the window, then, Anti-Cadde opens up the portal and goes through it and into upper Dimmsdale, but not before leaving behind a decoy of herself. Anti-Cadde feigns innocence and says she finished her rehab. Then Anti-Cadde destroys the entire house, and blames it on Cadde, and just before Chelsea put Cadde in the playpen that steals creature's magic and blasts themm to the edge of the universe, Timmy and Kimmy pounce in saying it was Anti-Cadde all along, then Poof proves it with the Baby's 1st video camera that Poof accidentally left on. Anti-Cadde admits to, then a fight ensues, ending with Anti-Cadde getting pushed into the playpen, losing her magic, and getting launched to the edge of the universe, but at the edge of the universe, Anti-Cadde steals a passing Anti-Fairy's magic, but before she can do anything more, the episode ends.


Tara Strong as Timmy Turner, Kimmy, Poof

Susan Blakeslee as Wanda, Cheslsea

Grey DeLeslie as Cadde, Anti-Cadde

Dee Bradley Baker as Binky, Anti-Binky


  • Anti-Binky makes a cameo as the one of the Anti-Fairies that gets his magic stolen