The Platinum Spears/Quotes

(Prestonovich's Front Yard)
(Ivan playing the drums)
Ivan: ♪There's no going back♪
♪There's no going back anymore♪
(Timmy, Chester and A.J. clapping)
A.J.: That was amazing!
Chester: Yeah, you could be a very famous person, like that British musician Gil Mollins, who used to be a drummer in a band before he started his solo music career.
Ivan: Yeah, but you know how famous people can be. I'm not willing to sink to that level.
Timmy: Hey Wanda, you think that Timantha could be a one-hit wonder singing a song about buying rainbows?
Wanda: Highly doubtful, sweetie. You wouldn't want your sister to go squirreley on her head when it comes to being famous. (to Cosmo) And no, we're not talking about Zippy.
(Zippy pops out of Cosmo's ear)
Cosmo: You heard the woman, Zippy.
Ivan: Well, I suppose I could have a little bit of fame, but just for one day. Astronov, Neptunia, I wish that my drumming and singing was at the top of the Dimmsdale musical records.
(Astronov and Neptunia raise their wands;FAME AND FORTUNE)
(musical montage; Ivan's name rises at the top of records while they show a shadow figure of Ivan playing the drums and singing inaudibly)
(Britt pad)
(Britney Britney laying on her chair with her feet hanging on top of her table listening to records)
Britney Britney: Ugh! These songs people make nowadays are a complete bore. (pulls up a picture of Chip) Unlike my favorite sensation of all time. Feels just like eleven years ago when I was a top dancer with the Agile Angels. (kisses the picture; sighs) If only I could have a song good enough to give me a sign.
(Britney puts earphones in her ears, listens to Ivan's song and was amazed)
Ivan: (voice) Music and lyrics by Ivan Prestonovich.
Britney Britney: Wow! Now there's a voice who should be at the top. (presses and holds a red communication button) Attention, back-up dancers, we now have new, fresh talent!

(Timmy, Ivan, Chester and A.J. walking in the hallways)
(Mr. Bickles pops out of a door)
Mr. Bickles: Ivan, everyone has heard of your talented drumming and singing and I've decided to make you one of our top ten performers on tonight's school performance.
Ivan: Really? Thanks, Mr. Bickles.
Mr. Bickles: That song really made you famous. Oh, and word of caution: fame can lead you to some... disasters in your life if you ever let fame go to your head.
Ivan: Don't worry, that's never going to happen.
(paparazzi and cameramen show up from the front door and surrounded Ivan with balloons and confetti)
Ivan: What's going on?
Chet: This is Chet Ubetcha saying here's what's going on, Ivan Prestonovich has been nominated for "best unknown songs that will soon be known and remembered" performance in Las Vegas!
Ivan: Las Vegas? Wow. Hey, uh, is it okay if I invite some friends along with me?
Chet: You're soon going to be star, you can do whatever you want.
Ivan, Timmy, Chester and A.J.: Sweet!
Chet: And here comes your new manager taking you to your little trip right now.
(the paparazzi and cameramen walk out of the way making way for Ivan's new manager; camera pulls up showing the manager)
Ivan, Timmy, Chester and A.J.: Music pop singer diva, Britney Britney?
Mr. Bickles: (softly) Oh, no.
Britney Britney: Hello, boys. Especially you, Mr. Prestonovich. I would like to...
(Francis comes out of nowhere and shoves Ivan, Timmy, Chester and A.J. inside a locker)
Francis: Get to know me? (slams the locker close) Who wouldn't?
A.J.: (heard) Clearly a lot of people.
Francis: Quiet you. Hi, I'm Francis and I'm your (pulls out crude drawing of her and him walking to the sunset) biggest fan!
(Britney boardly snaps her finger having Chief Marmel grab Francis by his foot and kick him out of the school)
(Britney opens the locker releasing the boys free)
Britney Britney: As I was saying, I would like to take you to Las Vegas to perform on stage with millions of people. I've heard your song, Ivan and I have to say, I'm impressed. This song is going to make you a star.
Ivan: (eyes turn to stars) Wow.
Britney Britney: (opens the door in her limo) Come inside the B.B. limo and your future awaits.
(Ivan, Timmy, Chester and A.J. run inside the limo; the cameramen and paparazzi follow the limo)
Chet: (catching up) This just in, we got a new star in town. In related news, wait for me!
Mr. Bickles: This is bad. Ivan was one of the best performers I've ever seen, and now he's off about to make his life into a soon-to-be constant disaster for himself. Now I'll never find another performer as good as him in my play. My dream... (echo) ruined!!
Samuel: (walking by) And how many ruined dreams does that make?
Mr. Bickles: (sighs sadly) 280 and counting.

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