The Pink Fairy Show is accually an upgrade of The Tim Panther Show. With Pink Fairy and Little Blue Girl

Difference from Fairly OddParents

The only difference is that the backgrounds are much more rich than its counterpart show. Characters have longer arms now. Despite still having the "golf club" or "No 6" shaped hand. (Goof: In The Phink Pill, when Wanda is sitting down on the bed, she has the "golf club" hand.)

Season 1

March 5

1. The Pink Prink

2. Phink Pajamas

3. We Give Phink Stamps

4. Dial "P" For Phink

March 10

1. The Phink Blueprint

2. Phink Poises

3. Rock-A-Bye Phinky

4. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Phink

March 15

1. Think Before You Pink

2. The Phink Pill

3. G.I. Phink

4. Phink Outs

March 20

1. Abra Catastro-Pinks

2. Phink Paradise

3. Put-Put, Phink

4. Gong With the Phink

March 25

1. Prefabricated Phink

2. The Hand is Phinker Than the Eye (Only Episode to feature two versions of the title card)

3. PinkCity

4. The Phink Package Plot

March 30

1. Phink Breakfast

2. Phink-Arms for Two

3. Super-Phink

4. Petty Phink

April 5

1. Dietic Phink

2. Channel Pinkers

3. Knotty Phink

4. Wisholo-Pinks

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