The Perfect Romance is a short jazz song performed by Charlotte Johnson telling A.J. her view of romance during their trip in Paris.


Chatlotte: Just follow your own guidance ♪
♪ No need for help with an alliance ♪
A.J.: I've always had trouble with that in the past.
Chatlotte: Come on now and just relax ♪
♪ We've always got each others backs ♪
A.J.: Yeah, that is true.
Chatlotte: We have a three digit I.Q. ♪
A.J.: And your forty I.Q.s smarter.
Chatlotte: Great future for me and you ♪
♪ It's the perfect romance ♪
A.J.: It's the perfect romance ♪
A.J. and Charlotte: It's the perfect romance ♪

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