Just a Fairly Odd Parents special. My fanfiction shows timmy using a hypnotic pendulum he used the wands he borrowed and once again makes him and Trixie Tang the only boys and girls on earth. Even Cosmo and Wanda are no longer here timmy's pendulum can be only used on one girl and he knows what girl he'll use it on.


It shows Trixie Tang walking in nowhere.The whole Dimmsdale is empty.Just then,a pendulum droped in front of Trixie and she suspicionsly looked at it.Just then the pendulum started swinging back and forth.Trixie's eyes swung with it just staring at it.Trixie then started feeling sleepy.She's very hypnotized and hears mysterious voices telling her to love me.The mysterious voice reveals to be Timmy Turner riding a cloud holding a long pendulum and he has an evil grin look.

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