It is a sequel to New Squid In Town!.


After an hard school day,Timmy returns home,but his tranquillity stopped from Mark Chang's return from Yugopotamia.He advices that King Grippulon and Queen Jipjorrulac have a second chance to try to put he and Princess Mandie together.That's why Mark spoken with a scared and worried speaking tone.So Timmy helps Mark for avoiding the wedding.Mark uses his image fake-i-fier for hiding in Dimmsdale as his new human avatar,Trent,a popular (like Tad and Chad) and extremely friendly kid.But King Grippulon and Queen Jipjorrulac find Mark and take him to the Yugopotamian Church.Timmy learns what's gonna happen and worried for Mark,wishes that,instead of Mark,there will be Dr. Bender at the marriage.Mandie gets mad and chases Timmy and Mark.Mandie now transforms,and catches Mark.Mark is now married,and the mission is failed.Timmy wishes that Mark and Mandie must divorce,but Cosmo and Wanda's fairy powers cannot scramble the love.So Timmy goes to Yugopotamia for saving Mark.He goes to Mark and Mandie's house,and he tells Mandie that Mark has left the alter during the wedding.Then she enters the Yugopotamian Law Court with his lawyer for divorce.At the end,the couple broke up,and Mandie meditates revenge.


  • The episode name is a parody of the movie The Bourne Supremacy.
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