Scene I: The Pineapple

(Timmy is seen sitting down on the sofa with a slushee in his hand and with a light frown on his face)

Timmy: (yawns) I'm bored, SpongeBob's at work, Dad and Mom are applying for a job at the Goofy Goober, Poof's at the dentist with Wanda and now there's no one I can play with.

(Slurps on slushee)

(Then it is revealed that Cosmo is right beside the sofa)

Cosmo: Hey, I'm here!

Timmy: (looks at Cosmo) Huh? Why are you here?

Cosmo: Uh...Internet?

Timmy: (giggles) So, Cosmo, what do you want to do today?

Cosmo: And to think I was dumb! We should go get a bite to eat at the Krusty Krab!

Timmy: Great idea Cosmo!

(poofs to the Krusty Krab)

Scene II: The Krusty Krab

(it is shown Timmy and Cosmo waiting in line)

Squidward: Whatever, next!

(Timmy and Cosmo step up in line)

Squidward: (looks at the cash register) What you like--- (looks at Cosmo and Timmy) aaahhhh! (Frowns) Oh, it's just you freaks, what would you two want?

Cosmo: you sell Krabby Patties here?

Squidward: And to think Patrick was stupid. Yes we do.

Timmy: We'll both have one of those, with fries!

Squidward: That'll be $6.99.

(Timmy pulls out seven dollars and hands it over)

Timmy: There you go.

Squidward: Now I'll just give you change for a penny...

(Mr. Krabs burst out of his room and starts attacking Squidward)

Squidward: (struggling) Aah...we'll..keep..the change!

(Mr. Krabs lets go of Squidward)

Mr. Krabs: Now anyways, who are these two boys?

Squidward: Friends of our other employee!

Timmy: Can we just have our order, please?

Squidward: Fine. SpongeBob! Two Krabby Patties with fries for your two nincompoops!

SpongeBob: Nincompoops? (walk out the kitchen with the order) Timmy! Cosmo! What brings you here?

Timmy: Bored.

SpongeBob: Okay, here's your order, gotta get back to work.

Timmy: Okay.

(Timmy and Cosmo go to a table while Wanda and Poof appear)

Timmy: (sits at table and eats Krabby Patty, then a halo on his head appears) This is the greatest thing I've eaten in my life and the most beautiful too! (Halo disappears)

Wanda: Um... now Poof's fine and he lost his first tooth.

Poof: Weee!!! (looks at Cosmo's patty) Ooh.... Kwabby Patty...

Wanda: Cosmo, can Poof have some of your Krabby Patty please?

Cosmo: Sure.

(Poof eats the whole Krabby Patty in one bite and becomes muscle-y, then knocks Cosmo out)

Poof: Ta-da!

Timmy: This is so good.

Wanda: The best under the sea!

Timmy: (stops to think) I wish I was the greatest fry cook ever!

Wanda: But---

(Timmy snaps finger)

Wanda: (tired) Alright...

(poof bubble appears and Timmy turns into a fry cook)

(Timmy runs into the kitchen)

Timmy: Need a little help, amigo?

SpongeBob: Uh...okay, I guess...

(Timmy fry cooks up fifty patties in ten seconds)

SpongeBob: How'd you do that?

Timmy: Uh....Internet?

SpongeBob: Well, too late! Now my favorite part of work is over!

Timmy: Come on, look at this!

(Zooms in on Timmy's Krabby Patty)

SpongeBob: When could you cook like this?

Timmy: A very short time, actually.

SpongeBob: Really? It took a short time to learn that!? It took me ten years!

Timmy: Oh, you're just jealous!

SpongeBob: Get the world outta here!

Timmy: You go, Patty Shmancy!

(SpongeBob gasps)

SpongeBob: How dare you!

(Walks out and Mr. Krabs walks in)

Mr. Krabs: Hey me feller, come in for a second.

(Walks into Mr. Krabs office)

Scene III: Mr. Krabs' Office

Mr. Krabs: (shouting) What have you done to me loyal employee!?

Timmy: I was only trying to help! Try one.

(Takes a succulant Krabby Patty with Timmy T.'s autograph on it and give it to Mr. Krabs)

Mr. Krabs: (sits at desk and eats Krabby Patty, then a halo on his head appears) This is the greatest thing I've eaten in my life and the most beautiful too! (Halo disappears)

Timmy: See?

Mr. Krabs: I have got to show this to the whole world!

Scene IV: The Krusty Krab

TV Reporter: (on TV) Breaking news, the Krusty Krab turned into a ten-star restaurant due to a new fry cook, Timmy Turner! Sorry SpongeBob, but you're a patty shmancy!

SpongeBob: You take that back!

Timmy: I'm really sorry, have a patty.

SpongeBob: NO!

(Timmy takes out his Krabby Patty and shove it in SpongeBob's mouth)

SpongeBob: (sits at table and eats Krabby Patty, then a halo on his head appears) This is the greatest thing I've eaten in my life and the most beautiful too! (Halo disappears) Wow, that was weird.

Cosmo: You love the patty!

(Squidward walks over)

Squidward: Maybe your jobs could change.

(Mr. Krabs bursts out of his office and attacks Squidward)

Squidward: We...will...not...change...

(Mr. Krabs lets go of Squidward)

Timmy: But I want to!

Squidward: Me too!

Mr. Krabs: Well, SpongeBob cooks badly and they don't like it!

SpongeBob: Badly?

Mr. Krabs: Sorry.

Timmy: Okay then, I wish I was the worst fry cook ever!

Mr. Krabs: No!

(All of Timmy's patties make the customers sick)

Fish: Worst...patty...ever.

Scene V: The Pineapple

SpongeBob: Thanks Timmy. You saved my job!

Timmy: Yeah, and now I'm in big trouble for discombobulating the place!

Cosmo: I know, heh heh, all in a day's work.

Timmy: Aren't I supposed to say that?

Poof: Poof.

Cosmo: It doesn't matter!


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