Series Name
Season 1 (Fairly OddParents Fanon Season 18-34), Episode 26
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Air date November 24th, 2034
Written by User:BabyPoof93
Directed by Butch Hartman
Episode Guide
Poof's Playdate...Of DOOM?


Fed up with Vicky torturing him every day and having Tootie always chasing him, Timmy wishes for a Hypno-Crib that will infantize anyone and anything's brain. Timmy lures the girls into the Crib, And darins their brains. But, Cosmo goes inside the crib to check it out (Typical Cosmo) and Wanda follows him, persuading him to come out when Poof accidently pushes the "ON" button, Thus draining Cosmo and Wanda's minds and infantized their brain. How can Timmy get everyone back to normal before the effects REALLY start to take place?


Coming Soon!

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