The First Parrot Flight/Quotes

(The Amber's House)
(The Ambers minus Sally packed up)
Rebecca: Now, are you sure you can handle staying in the house all by yourself?
Sally: I'm ten, mom. I'm quite old enough to take care of myself.
Rebecca: That's good to hear. Sorry you won't be able to come with us for family bowling.
Sally: Well, someone needs to watch over my pet parrot. And that someone is his owner.
Stu: Okay, we can totally trust you. Hope you and Stan have fun as much as we will.
Rebecca: Oh, and Sally, be sure to turn the oven on to 3:30 at precisely 4 O'clock.
Sally: I will. You guys have fun.
Rebecca: Okay, goodbye. Love you.
Stu: Bye, Sally.
Harry: Bye.
Mary: Later, big sister.
(door closes; Stan turns to fairy form)
Stan: So, what's the wishing going to be today?
Sally: (sigh) I don't know. (lies on the couch) I'm already feeling tired to think. (turns off the T.V.)
(birds flying in the sky; Sally feeling more enthused as she's watching)
Sally: On second thought, I think I've figured out a way to get the tiredness out of me. Stan, I wish I could fly!
(Stan waves his wand;POOF)
Sally: Wow! I'm... (camera zooms out showing a full view of the bird Sally) a parrot?
Stan: Well, granted, you weren't specific on your wish.
Sally: Close enough. Anyway, let's get flying! (starts to fly)
Stan: Woah now, let's not get ahead of the wish. Wouldn't want to hurt yourself. If you want to fly, (turns into a parrot) you need to learn how to do so.
Sally: Okay.
Stan: Let's go upstairs to your bedroom so well work on the first lesson.
Sally: Alright, but first... (check her watch showing it's 5 O'clock) can you poof me to the kitchen?
(Sally in human form turns the oven to 3:30)
Sally: Alright, now to my room.

(Sally and Stan in parrot form standing in Sally's bedroom window)
Stan: Okay, Sally, it's time to learn three lessons about flying. Lesson one: Get started. Wave your feathers up high. (Sally waves her feathers up high) Not too high. (Sally lowers her feathers down a little) That's good. Now, stand on your toes. (Sally stand on her toes) and away we (jumps off the window) go!
(Sally jumps off and starts flying, struggles a bit but controlled it)
Sally: I'm... I'm doing it. I'm flying!
Stan: How does it feel?
Sally: It feels like I'm a parrot from a 1940's cartoon.
Stan: Ah, memories. Okay, lesson two: tuck your feet over like (tucks his feet) this.
(Sally tucks her feet over)
Stan: That's it!
Sally: Yahoo!
(Sally flies around Stan like a natural)
Stan: Wow! You're a fast learner. You know, someday I could (gasp)
Sally: What is it?
Stan: Time for lesson three: keep an eye out for predators at all times.
Sally: What kind of predators?
Stan: Well, for example: that hawk that's FLYING ABOVE US!!
(hawk shrieks)
Sally: (gasp)
Stan: Fly, Sally! Flap your wings as fast as you can!
(the Hawk catches up to Sally)
Sally: Stan! Help me!
(Stan grabs a hold of the hawks tail making the Hawk missing Sally while trying to catch her with its claws)
(Sally ran to a pile of leaves on a tree and fell on the ground in a forest)
Sally: (groans while standing up) That was close. I thought for sure we were going to be hawk chow, huh, Stan? (looks around) Stan? Stanley?
(Stan falls down with a thud)
Sally: Stanley! You're okay! What happened?
Stan: The hawk dragged me to her nest. She was about to devour me, but I pretended to have a heart attack which made her think I was dead.
Sally: Hmmm. Clearly, she doesn't like dead parrots.
Stan: So, when she left, I escaped and found you.
Sally: Well, now that that nightmare's over, what do you say we poof back to our regular forms and go home?
(Stan noticed he doesn't have his wand)
Stan: Oh, dear. I must have left my wand out the window.
Sally: What?! How are we going to get back? My family will be back home in the next forty-five minutes!
Stan: Not to worry. Besides, we're birds. We can just fly back to your house through your open window and change back before your family gets home.
Sally: Good idea.
(wind gets breezy)
Stan: I'd think about moving fast with this. Due to our size the winds around us might get us blown around uncontrollably.
Sally: Well, we need to be stronger than it if we're going to get back home. Come on!
(the two start to fly; action music plays)
Stan: Blown leaves ahead!
(they dodge the leaves)
Sally: Now we're in the middle of the road!
Stan: Look out, car!
(car horns)
Sally: (dodges) Woah! How could this get any worse than that?
Stan: Well, at least it's not raining.
(thunder and lightning; rain comes down)
Stan: Uh...
Sally: Don't say it!
(scene skips to the Ambers driving home)
Rebecca: Man, quite some heavy rain we have.
Stu: I sure hope Sally's in a good mood for pizza.
(scene skips back to Sally and Stan still flying home)
Sally: I sure hope the family comes back for dinner. Due to this weather, I'm really in a pizza mood right now.
Stan: You could give your chance. Look, your house!
Sally: I see it!
(wind blowing on the window making it slowly close)
Sally: We need to hurry!
Stan: We can make it.
(hawk screech)
Sally: (looks up) Ugh, not again! Don't you have a different and more healthy appetite?
Stan: No time to argue with Big Bird! We're almost... there!
(the two flew inside; Stan grabs his wand as he and Sally flew through the window; the wind made the window shut; the hawk smacked her face through the closed window and fell)

(Sally's room)
Sally: Well, that's a wish I should be thinking twice for when feeling bored. Stanley, poof me back to normal.
(Stan poof Sally back to human form)
(door knocks)
Stu and Rebecca: Sally!
(Sally runs downstairs)
Stu: We're home!
Rebecca: Did you and Stanley had a good time alone?
Sally: Oh, we sure did.
Stu: And why are you two soaking wet?
Sally: We... uh... went outside to play before it started raining hard. After looking at that weather, I sure could go for pizza.
Stu: (chuckles) (pulls out pizza) I was hoping you'd say that.
Harry: Well, little sister, are you happy your family's home?
Sally: (sigh) More than you know.
Stu, Rebecca, Harry and Mary: Aww. (hug Sally)
Sally: Well, now that we're all here and the oven's set, it's time to get our stomachs on an eating phase.
Stu: You might want to bathe and change first.
Sally: Right. (walks upstairs to the bathroom) Leave a few for me! (close door)
Mary: (walks to Stan) So, what really happened?
Stan: Let's just say your sister and I had our feathers ruffled.
Mary: I'm sure you did.
(both laugh)
(screen fades to black)
(Title Card ending)

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