The Fairy Show is a fan fiction focusing on Poof and his future from Fairy High to a full-fledged adult fairy while meeting a lot more people.

Main Characters

Poof Cosma- Poof is not a baby anymore, and is now studying in Fairy High. He is now more matured, and even knows how to get rid of Trickups & Fairy Flu. He gets married to Goldie Goldenglow in the Season 1 finale, "Poof Gets Married".

Goldie Goldenglow- Goldie is now Fairy High's Student Council President. Until now, she is still in love with Poof, and they get married later on. In the second season, they have a baby girl named Kiesha.

Kiesha Cosma- Poof & Goldie's cute baby girl who also makes an adorable appearance in The Fairy Show. She is very playful, and she also studies Spellementary School along with her friend & crush, Darwin.

Recurring Characters

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