The All New Fairly OddParents!
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The Fairly OddParents; The Next Generation Season 2
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# Title Brief Summary Title Card
31 B.J. After clobbering each other over a baseball during a baseball game, it is revealed that D.J. is actually bald. TBA
32 A Half-Ghost in Dimmsdale? TBA

Debut appearance(s): Heidi Larsman

33 Gregey Suave When being told that he wasn't confident enough to go to the new club in town, Greg wishes to be one. 80px
34 Honey, I Shrunk the Godchildren After mishearing what the kids say while watching a movie at high volume, Neptunia accidentally shrunk their godchildren, the other fairies and herself. TBA
35 Badge Patrol TBA TBA
36 Daycare Nightmare After Charlie framed the kids for a prank that they didn't commit, they're all sent to Vicky's Day Care Center. TBA
37 Comic Rarity TBA

Guest star(s): Noah Segan as Noah Tremorts and Julia McIlvaine as June Wildenmere.

38 Hero With an "F" in Niceness Gravito has been helping out Dimmsdale for years by fighting crime and bullies. However, his tactics have recently been un-herolike and making him insane, with Gravito's family thinking that he's going too far with hunting down bullies and disposing of them. Gravito's daughter Heidi gets the help from the kids and other fairies to make her father a less aggressive hero. TBA
39 A Generous Dimma-Donation TBA TBA
40 The New Anti-Godchild Charlie receives new anti-godparents named Nats and Anti-Eliza after failing to bully the kids and their godparents. TBA
41 Win Head Pixie's Money Head Pixie hosts a game show for the kids and fairies to win a huge sum of money. Little do they know that it's another one of the Pixies' ruses to take over Fairy World.

Guest star: Ben Stein as Head Pixie and Sanderson

42 Tang Pictures Presents... Tommy, Tammy, their friends and fairy godparents decide to make a film with Trixie Tang in the lead role. TBA
43 Designing Crockbots TBA

Debut appearance(s): Carolyn Crocker

44 Unnamed Friday the 13th episode When Friday the 13th approaches, the Anti-Fairies asked help from their new allies, the Chain Belt Dojo and Francis, to help them spread bad luck and stop the godkids from preventing the Anti-Fairies spread bad luck in exchange for giving Francis' students their own anti-godparents. TBA
45 B.R.A.T Reunion Vicky has sent invitations to her former B.R.A.T. friends for a reunion at Vicky's Day Care Center. TBA
46 More Country, Less Jazz TBA TBA
47 A Cause in the Doghouse Amanda goes inside Tony and Anne's doghouse... TBA
48 Wishful Jalopy Amanda finds an old, rusty van in an old barn near her mansion, and shows it off to other kids and fairies. Meanwhile, Francis steals Timmy and Tootie's car for criminal needs. While the kids go and hunt down Francis to get Timmy and Tootie's car back, the Turners are left with the old van to drive around. TBA
49 Generation Paradox Part One Timmy wishes for technology twenty years later to exist in his time. Meanwhile in the future during her birthday, Jessie wishes for technology twenty years ago to exist in her time. Little was known that it was slowly ripping fabric of space and time. Generation Paradox Part One
50 Generation Paradox Part Two After the future kids met up with their past parents, they need to work together to stop the ripping fabric of time before everything and themselves disappears forever. Generation Paradox Part Two
51 Operation: Seemingly Harmless Gravitress and Heidi offer Trixie, Tommy and Tammy to go on a mission to eradicate the seemingly harmless plants on their home planet. Operation Seemingly Harmless
52 Caddy Slack TBA TBA
53 Game Dev Wishing! Timmy has an idea for a new video game, so Tommy, Tammy, their fairies and other kids want to help him develop it. TBA
54 Soccered In TBA TBA
55 Worm Funk Chip Skylark hosts a contest to feature an animal in his son's band. Meanwhile, D.J. and C.J. are making genetic experiments on a worm. Tommy, Tammy and other godkids see an opportunity to make a funky worm out of C.J.'s and D.J's experiment.

Guest star: Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark.

56 As Per Norm TBA

Guest star: Norm MacDonald as Norm the Genie

57 Meatless in Dimmsdale TBA TBA
58 Hostile School Takeover! Charlie, with help from his anti-godparents, has taken control of Dimmsdale Elementary. Tommy, Tammy and their friends join forces to get the school back to its former self. TBA
59 Settled Friendship (Part 1): Prank You Very Much It's April Fools Day and Greg has a load of pranks coming. TBA
60 Settled Friendship (Part 2): ...And Then There Were Nine Greg has been down on himself when his knowledge of pranks momentarily failed him, costing an injury to Mitzie's leg. Will his friends find a way for Greg to get his confidence back? TBA
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