These are fanfic promos of The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation.

Promo #1

Night of Wishful Frights

Night of Wishful Frights background

Announcer: You all know what Halloween is all about.
Kids: Trick or Treat!
Announcer: And in the brand new Fairly OddParents Next Generation episode…
Kids and Godparents: (gasp)
(Anti-Sunny playing the piano)
Announcer: It’s going to be a night full of tricks…
Jorgen: Oh, I love playing tricks!
Announcer: Treats…
Greg: I got 30lbs of caramel apples!
Tommy: I got a strawberry pepperoni pizza sandwich!
D.J.: I got a rock.
Announcer: And costumes that will scare the pants off of you.
(everyone screaming; Tony screaming)
Tony: Okay, pants still on.
(Amanda, Anne and Alice make a deadpan look)
Announcer: Don’t miss the Fairly OddParents Next Generation Halloween Special, Night of Wishful Frights.
Tammy: (staring front screen) Happy Halloween!
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