The Fairly OddParents: Super Fairies is a TV Show which is the sequel to The Fairly OddParents. There will be 7 Seasons planned for the show and there will be 4 movies for the show as well. Like the prequel, the main characer are Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof.


200 Million Years ago existed a different type of fairy, called a Super Fairy. They predated the Modern Fairies and were much more powerful than them. The Super Fairies didn't have Wands but used their hands instead, giving them an infinite amount of magic, and didn't need wings to fly. They also had a less specific rulebook called Da Laws and could wish up almost anything. But they didn't have godchildren, they make wishes for themselves, and thats why back then they were the most powerful in the universe. They also had an opposite, the Dark Super Fairies. The Dark Super Fairies didn't hate or love the Super Fairies but it was a norm for them to ignore their opposites and their news.

But one day the Super and Dark Super Fairies Leaders rivalry became hatred and it was social chaos. Super Fairies went against each other, the Dark Fairies bombarded Fairy World. 4 Super Fairies were sick of the war going on and so there was only one solution, completely revise Da Laws. Since Da Laws gave away too much power. The 4 Super Fairies used all their Magic too change Da Laws to Da Rules. Suddenly a black hole appeared and sucked away all the older Super Fairies and Dark Super Fairies except for the 4. Fairy World was surrounded by an invisible magical barrier where enemies opposing Fairies would be blocked from entering Fairy World. The Super Fairy children now had golden crowns, wings, and a wand for limited amounts of magic. And to prevent rivalry by using magic to themselves, they assigned them godchildren through Humans which existed back then. The Dark Super Fairy children, which became Anti-Fairies, didn't follow Da Rules. And there wasn't a leader for their world. Th 4 last Super Fairies then became the Fairy Councel to rule the new Fairy World.

200 Million Years later, the universe was peaceful. Timmy was having his regular saturday wishing up many things. While back in Fairy World, the Fairies have made Fairy World bigger and officialy called it Fairyopolis. Something odd was with this world, it passed the boundaries that protected it from enemies, and without Jorgan knowing it the barrier was broken but didn't make a sound. Deep in outer space, a black hole appeared and a huge colony of Super Fairies appeared. And they headed straight for Fairyopolis!

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