The Fairly OddCrazy People is a spin-off of The Fairly OddParents. It was created by YouTuber doghater785. It follows the adventures of Jacob Smith, a average kid who is granted by two fairy godparents named Autumn and Dan.


  • Jacob Smith is a well and a average kid that no one understands. He is also the main character.
  • Autumn is Jacob's fairy godmother. She is a pain in the butt sometimes.
  • Dan is Autumn's husband and Jacob's fairy godmother.
  • Eric Smith is Jacob's little brother.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith are Jacob and Eric's parents.
  • Darbie is Jacob's evil babysitter and she tries to take over the world. Her catchphrase is "dork".
  • Mark is Darbie's younger brother and his favorite hobby is to beat up Jacob.
  • Matt Mc LameLoser is Jacob's best friend and he always helps Jacob out when he needs it which is all the time.
  • Alex Mc LameLoser is Matt's little sister and Jacob totally has a crush on her.
  • Larry Mc LameLoser is the father of Matt and Alex and it is said that Larry could not win at anything in his life.
  • Urgon VonFirePants is Autumn's father and Flare's husband.
  • Flare VonFirePants is Urgon's wife and Autumn's mother. She is also a waitress.
  • Brent and Mona are Dan's parents. He thinks there insane because they act like if Dan is in the army and they always threaten Dan that they will drop explosives on his head.
  • Anti-Dan and Anti-Autumn are the oppsites of Autumn and Dan.


List of The Fairly OddCrazy People episodes

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