The Fairly Loud Odd House
Season 2, Episode 8
The Fairly Loud Odd House
Written by WikiaIvan1997
Directed by Butch Hartman
Kyle Marshall
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The Fairly Loud Odd House is the 8th episode of the second season and the 58th episode overall of The All New Fairly OddParents!. It is a crossover episode between The Fairly OddParents and The Loud House. Although it is a part of the All New Fairly OddParents, only characters from the original Fairly OddParents make an appearance, and is therefore treated as a regular Fairly OddParents episode.

Rating - TV-Y7


Lisa Loud is working on a strange experiment which nearly ends up destroying her room and the whole Loud residence. But, thankfully, it didn't. Lisa built a portal to travel between Dimmsdale and Royal Woods. Meanwhile, Timmy has found a strange looking portal hidden in the garage of his house, which turns out to be the destination of Lisa's portal in Royal Woods. The Loud House and the Fairly OddParents characters meet and hi-jinks ensue, in both Dimmsdale and Royal Woods.

Mix Theme

The theme song is a mix of both the Fairly OddParents theme and the Loud House theme, with jazzy composition for the Fairly OddParents theme song parts, and punk rock for the Loud House theme song parts, eventually mixing the two together.


♪Timmy is an average kid♪
♪That no one understands♪
♪Crashing through the crowded halls♪
♪Dodging girls like ping-pong balls♪
♪Just to reach the bathroom on time♪
♪Mom, and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands♪
Vicky: Bed, Twerp!
♪Leaning over laundry piles♪
♪Diapers you can smell from miles,♪
♪Guy's gotta do what he can to survive.♪
♪OddParents, Fairly Oddparents!♪
Wanda: Wands and wings!
Cosmo: Floaty crowny things!
♪In the Loud house, in the Loud house♪
♪One boy and ten girls wouldn't trade it for the world♪
Timmy: Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, gwava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!
♪Fairly Oddparents!♪
Vicky: Yeah, right!
Lily: Poo poo.
(Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof switch Vicky and Lily's heads)



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