The Dorsey House Or Simply Known as The Haunted House by Squidward is a House that was Abanoned 25 years ago. Description: The House is Your Typical Nomal House but it has Paint which could use a new painting and has some broken windows. Inside it has a Hallway with a table with a Shattered picture of a brown (Appears in black.)Dog with a collar that says Lucky And a torn rug that goes all the way to the kitchen In the Kitchen there is a Old Oven with a frying pan and White cabinets with Rusty Handles and Shattered Blue glass and A Brown Table and Chairs And when you go into the Living Room there is an Old sofa and A lamp and An Old T.V. and a Bookcase. When you go to the Second floor you will go into A old Bedroom where you will see a old Torn Matress that The Dorsey's left behind and A Child's Pail and Shovel in the corner. And when you go onto the Third floor there is a attic with a Music place including Musical objects with A White Door And Inside when you open The Door there is a Small Room with cloths and a Washing Machine and Dryer and A Thing where you can hang clothes and two small Windows. Many Rumor it to be Haunted Because of The Strange and Scary Noises and Shadows when walking past it at night Once a Brave Fool Went in there before Dark and Left his Tape Recorder on and left It in There before Dinner and when he came home from School and went into the House and got His Tape Recorder back and listened to it in his Room and it Played Noises he Never Heared Before in his life and He Never Goes in that House again. Resider(s):Misty(Ghost)Main Resider Mange(Ghost)Second Resider Wolf Third Resider

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