The Dinkleherbs
Gender: Male (Mr. Dinkleherb and his son)

Female (Mrs. Dinkleherb)

Species: Stingray
Age: 45 (Mr. Dinkleherb), 15 (Son), 43 (Mrs. Dinkleherb)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Francis Cornfish Strikes Again

The Dinkleherbs are a family that lives in See Angeles. They are the neighbors of the Seesponges Family.

Known Members

  • Mr. Dinkleherb
  • Mrs. Dinkleherb
  • The Teenage Dinkleherb


The Dinkleherbs appear to be a nice family.


The Dinkleherbs appeared in the episode Francis Cornfish Strikes Again. They were seen briefly when they were watching the lunar eclipse.


Mr. Turner doesn't like the Dinkleherbs either.


  • The Dinkleherbs are going to appear a second time for sure.
  • They are an obvious parody of the Dinklebergs.
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