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The Dinkleberg's House
The Dinkleberg's House.png
Vital statistics
Type Two-story house
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Location Dimmsdale
Inhabitants Sheldon Dinkleberg
Miriam Dinkleberg
David Mulligan
Carly Grey-Mulligan
Marty Mulligan
Mitzie Mulligan

The Dinkleberg's House is where Sheldon Dinkleberg and his wife Miriam live. It is located in Dimmsdale, next door to the Turner's.

In the future, the Dinklebergs no longer live here, as Sheldon Dinkleberg is now on Planet of the Dads, and Miriam died. After Miriam's death, the house was given away to David Mulligan, his wife Carly and their children. Daran and Dante have stolen most of the Dinkleberg's money and used it for Daran and Nataliya's retirement fund as well as stealing most of the Dinkleberg's expensive items.