The Destructinator
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Gender: Male
Species: Robot
Age: Ancient (deceased)
Personal Information
  The Eliminators
  Timmy Turner
Timmy's friends, fairies, family and enemies
Ancient Fairy Warriors
  World Conquest, Black Jackets
  To destroy The Darkness and all organic life and rule the universe and eliminate Timmy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Gary Anthony Sturgis
The Destructinator is the head Eliminator and the true main antagonist of Wishlogy. He Is The Head Of The Eliminators And The Darkness Former Right Hand Man.


This being seems to be far more intelligent compared to the other Eliminators. As soon as it appears, it grabs a black leather jacket and a pair of black sunglasses. It also acts out against the Darkness when it becomes fed up with its master's reluctance to destroy Timmy Turner eventually growing more powerful and becoming the true threat.


At first it looks exactly like the other Eliminators but has red eyes instead of the regular green, save for a unique pair of sunglasses and a black leather jacket which it wears. After rebelling against the Darkness, he is destroyed, but manages to rebuild himself. With the ability to absorb any magic and weapons used against it, the Destructinator becomes even more powerful when Jorgen Von Strangle Attacks It his wand, turning into a more sinister looking robot form.

The Big Beginning 

He is the first Eliminator to come after Timmy after he shouted his own name when his classmates didn't know him. He chased Timmy Turner and Jorgen Von Strangle through Dimmsdale. When they disappear into Fairy World, he crashes into the mall and takes a black leather jacket and sunglasses, a direct reference to the original Terminator, making him the most distinguishable Eliminator and de facto leader. He seems more intelligent than his comrades, as well as more vicious. He tries repeatedly throughout Wishology to kill Timmy. He and two other Eliminators in pink shirts chased Timmy across the country to the Middle Age Rock Festival.

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