Series Name
Season 9, Episode 12
Air date August 1, 2015
Written by That Gamer
Directed by Butch Hartman
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The Dark Plan is the 12th fanmade episode of The Fairly OddParents from Season 9.



Mal Timmy and his antifariy godparents return and turn Dimmsdale into Anti-Dimmsdale and makes the Dinkleburgs turn evil. And he makes Trixie try to kill Timmy and captures Wanda and Cosmo. Now it is up to Timmy, Mystic and Poof to save the world.


It begins with Anti-Cosmo reading a book and Mal-Timmy wishes to go to Dimmsdale.Foop sees Timmy,Cosmo,Wanda,Poof and Mystic taking a walk and Foop launches to Poof and hits him. Poof gets mad and Mal-Timmy grabs him. Mal-Timmy wishes that Dimsdale is turned into Anti Dimmsdale. Now Dimmsdale is evil. Then Mal-Timmy takes Cosmo and Wanda and takes to Anti fariy world . It is up to Timmy, Poof and Mystic to save the world.

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