The Big Elementbending Wish!/Quotes

Timmy: You know, normal life just seems kind of... boring.
Ivan: Yeah. I'm a huge fan of the the Elementbending Master cartoon series, of which there were two. Although many people say that the second series is considered not as good as the first one, to me, they're on the same league of greatness.
Neptunia: So, what do you want?
Ivan: I wish everyone was an elementbender. And there should be at least one Avatar here somewhere.

Ivan: So, you're the Avatar now, huh, Timmy?
Timmy: Yes.
Ivan: That's awesome!
Trixie: (offscreen) Wait up! (runs over to Timmy & Ivan) I'm the Avatar too!
Ivan: WHAT?! That's impossible! There can only be one Avatar!
Astronov: Well, Ivan, you said there could be at least ONE Avatar.
Trixie: Check this out! (bends water from a bottle) I'm a waterbender, (bends a huge pellet of earth) an earthbender, (shoots a fireball) a firebender, (hovers on an air scooter) AND an airbender! How does that not scream Avatar?
Ivan: (sigh) I guess you're right. I can only airbend, however. But I'm telling you, having two Avatars is illogical!
Timmy: Why? It's clever!
Ivan: No, it's not clever! It's really stupid! There can only be one Avatar succeeding another, not two at once!
Trixie: Just face it, Ivan. I'm the Avatar, you gotta deal with it!
Timmy: I'm the Avatar too!
Trixie: Of course you are. Tell me I'm pretty!
Timmy: Gosh, you're pretty!
Trixie: Thank you.
Ivan: Okay, you can have it your way. There will be two Avatars: one male, one female.
(the scene is revealed to take place in Ivan's imagination)
Timmy: Ivan? Ivan!
Ivan: Oh, sorry, Timmy, I was just imagining what if there were two Avatars at once instead of one.

Trixie: Hey, Timmy. I found these nuts in your bag. I figured you wouldn't mind. And besides, even if you did, you're too unpopular to do anything about it.
Timmy: As a matter of fact, I don't mind. I'm happy to share anything I have, even with people that don't think highly of me.
Trixie: You know, I'm really glad you feel that way, because I also have this great new nutcracker! (pulls out Timmy's staff. Timmy is shocked, while Trixie happily lifts the staff, and starts using it to break nutshells)
Timmy: Actually, I prefer if you didn't ... (crack) That's an antique, handcrafted by the... (crack) IT'S A DELICATE INSTRUMENT!!!
Trixie: (while eating nuts) It's not the only delicate instrument around here.
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