"Beware, m'boy, I've trained ten years at fisticuffs. Pugillism is my passion."
— The ACES Baron
The ACES Baron
The Baron image.png
Gender: Female disguised as a Male
Species: Human
Age: 30
Hair color: Black (covered)
Eye color: Blue (covered)
Personal Information
  ACES Baron
  Betty Star
Oliver Star (father)
Norma-Jean Star (mother)
Veronica Star-McBadbat (twin cousin)
Liane Star (aunt)
Matt Star (uncle)
Jessica Prestonovich (first cousin once removed)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Flight of Fancy Magic"
Last Appearance:
  "Flight of Fancy Magic"
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

The ACES Baron, who is later revealed to be Betty Star is the main antagonist of The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation episode "Flight of Fancy Magic."



The Baron a large dark blue coat with gold buttons, a red scarf, black breeches, black boots, red gloves, a leather aviator cap and large goggles. He also has a large black mustache.


When the kids arrive at Holland to see the ACES tournament and Veronica's twin cousin Betty, the Baron shows up making his announcement of this years ACES competition and there were a few changes from years past. After Chad show the kids the location of the ACES flight roster, the kids and their fairies came up with a plan to easily win against the other teams they were flying against. While doing so, Charlie Amber and his team arrived to the Team Dimmsdale Elementary Air Hanger and was about to do mischief making them lose, but thanks to D.J. and C.J., they were stopped and Team Dimmsdale Elementary made it to the finals. While learning how competitive the Baron was, Wanda and Anne had came up with a plan to outsmart the Baron making sure he doesn't cheat. While fighting against the Baron in the finals, his back-up plan backfired thanks to the fairies, yet he managed to try to escape to an even bigger plane when his bi-plane took too many hits. Greg jumped out of his teams plane and parachuted himself to the huge plane and confront the Baron. While having a hand-to-hand fight with the Baron, Greg loses his balance and grab a hold of the wing of the plane. The Baron looked back and apparently rescued him from falling. Greg got the Baron's attention when he nearly walked away and thew a water ball at him. Greg jumped on him and pulled his cap and goggles revealing to be Betty, who claimed to be the Baron's mechanic. She decided to land the large plane and talk on the ground. Later at night, Betty explained to the kids that the disguise was invented because the ACES needed a tough strict male leader and that no male in Holland was courageous enough into being one. Due to that year's ACES flying competition, the Baron became a celebrity and put the costume on more often. Now that the ACES thought of having Betty herself being the new and first female leader, the Baron disguise was finally out of the picture.

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