Nana: Oh, we're so tired today, Cosmos. And baby Lily is crying.

Lily: [crying]

Cosmos: We need a babysitter.

Nana: Agreed.

Selena: Bye, Mr and Mrs. Helga!

Lily: Moo?

Selena: [after Lily's parents go] Okay, baby twerp, I want all rooms to be clean, and I want you washing the plates at kitchen.

Lily: Moo?

Selena: HURRY!!!!

Lily: [crying]

Selena: Egh, fine....

Selena: Okay, now's your turn. Clean the toilet!

Lily: [goes into the toilet] Whee!

Selena: What? Lil.. I mean, baby twerp? DON'T GO INTO THE TOILET!!!

Lily: [gets out from toilet and her shirt is wet]

Selena: Oh, come on! Why I can't relax?!

Lily: [watching baby channel]

Selena: Hey, I want to watch the Torture Channel. Go away, please. I'm the boss here.

Lily: [giving Selena the TV remote]

Selena: Good twerp. Finally, I can relax. [watching Torture Channel]

Lily: [after seeing how to torture someone at the Torture channel, she's ready for torturing Selena]

Selena: No! I'm doomed! GET OFF ME, YOU [censored]
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