The Amber's House
The Amber's House
The Amber's House
Vital statistics
Type Two-story house
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Location Dimmsdale
Inhabitants Sally Amber
Mary Amber
Harry Amber
Stu Amber
Rebecca Amber
The Amber's House is where Sally Amber, her fairies and family live. It is located in Dimmsdale.


The exterior of the house is painted light blue, with a brown colored roof, a chimney in the right side of the roof and a garage on the left. There are bushes in front of the house, with the pathway leading to the front door. There are two cars parked in the driveway: Stuart's blue car and Rebecca's police car.

In the house's basement, there's a weapon vault, which keeps Rebecca's ninja equipment, and has been upgraded since the arrival of the Larsman family, along with Hilda installing a security system. The Ambers use the weapon vault to defend themselves from thieves.

The backyard has a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a magical shack, which was made by a wish from Stan by Sally.

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