The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan (theme song) is a theme song to "The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan". It has upbeat hip-hop soundtrack. After "Stan Falls in Love", there's a second version of the theme song where Eliza shows up at the end.


♪(drum beat)♪
♪(Sally and Stan)♪ X2
♪A girl with a brother and an insanely strong sister♪
♪A babysitter who tries to make her life feel bitter♪
♪Clear signs to show that her life is a misery♪
♪One faithful day forced to stay in her bedroom♪
♪She see swirls of dust like objects in a headroom♪
♪Upon the dust, Sally’s gets a shocking delivery♪
Stan: Which is me!
♪Magical touring trip, money that will make you slip♪
♪Birthday Parties, School Smarties♪
Sally: Stuff that’ll make you smile hearty!
♪These are the Amazing Adventures of♪
Stan: You know the names.
♪(Sally and Stan)♪ X2
♪The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan♪
(Mary waves from behind)
♪(Sally and Stan)♪ X2
♪The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan♪
(after the episode "Stan Falls in Love")
Eliza: Don't forget me, Eliza!
(Stan randomly shoot out magic with Alyssa avoiding them; the title card is shown; Alyssa walks near the title card looking drwosly)
Alyssa: (dizzy) Quite so! (thud)
(Sally and Stan (and Eliza from season 3 onwards) make a pose)
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