The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan
The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan
The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan title card

Created by

CandyAnaisWatterson777 (conceptualized by WikiaIvan1997)

Directed by

Butch and Sophia Hartman

Number of Seasons


Number of episodes


Running Time

22 minutes (2 11-minute episodes)

TV Rating


Title Cards + Artwork by



Grey Griffin
Jason Alexander
Kari Wahlgren
Natalie Palamides
Kristen Li
Cheryl Hines
Rob Paulsen
E.G. Daily
Tara Strong
Kath Soucie
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Dante Basco
Mae Whitman
Janice Kawaye
Dee Bradley Baker
Carlos Alazraqui
Mr. Lawrence
Scott Baio
David Lewis
Teryl Rothery
Mark Gibbon
Tom Kenny
Jessie Flower
Bumper Robinson
Dan Mintz
Eugene Mirman
Kristen Schaal
John Roberts
H. Jon Benjamin
Chris Parnell
Jennifer Hale
Cree Summer
Dan Castellaneta
Eric Bauza
Jim Ward
Robert Cait
Kevin Michael Richardson
Kate Higgins
Alyson Court
Cindy Robinson
Colleen Villard
Jack DeSena
Kirk Thornton
Wayne Knight
Jason Marsden
Faith Abrahams
Gilbert Gottfried
Seth Green
Curtis Armstrong
Butch Hartman

Guest stars

Ben Stein
Brendan Fraser
Gregg Berger
Pat Musick
Andy Samberg
Jeremy Rowley
Ben Giroux
Steven Ogg
Diana DeGarmo

Opening theme

Theme Song

The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan is a fanfiction series. It's about Sally, the character who appeared in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short, "The Zappys!", receiving her own Fairy Godparent named Stan and going on great adventures. This fanfic is also a spin-off of The All New Fairly OddParents!, including having a few sub-plot episodes.


The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan Characters


List of The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan Seasons and Episodes


  • This fanfic series unites some of the cast members from both Powerpuff Girls cartoons: two from the original series (E.G. Daily and Tara Strong), and two from the 2016 reboot (Natalie Palamides and Kristen Li). E.G. Daily (the voice of Winston) and Natalie Palamides (the voice of Harry Amber) both voiced Buttercup, while Tara Strong (the voice of Timmy, Timantha and Poof) and Kristen Li (the voice of Mary Amber) both voiced Bubbles.
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