The All New Fairly OddParents! Shorts
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Sophia Hartman

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7 minutes

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Tara Strong
Kath Soucie
Kari Wahlgren
Daran Norris
Susanne Blakeslee
Dante Basco
Mae Whitman
Janice Kawaye
Carlos Alazraqui
Grey Griffin
Jason Marsden
Gary LeRoi Gray
Rob Paulsen
Carolyn Lawrence
Dee Bradley Baker
Jeff Bennett
Jennifer Hale
Cree Summer
Eric Bauza
Jill Talley
Tom Kenny
Yuri Lowenthal
Kevin Michael Richardson
Jason Alexander
E.G. Daily
Kate Higgins
Kristen Li
Natalie Palamides
Guy Moon
Butch Hartman

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TANFO Shorts Opening

The All New Fairly OddParents! Shorts is a mini series of shorts of The All New Fairly OddParents!


  • These shorts start and end with Timmy telling Ivan stories about most of their past adventures together.
  • Most of these shorts take place between Season 3 and Season 4.



Title Brief Summary Title Card
1 Doctor Turner Vicky goes to Timmy for help, telling him that her sister Tootie is sick. Vicky orders Timmy to cure her, otherwise she'll tell his parents that he infected Tootie. Timmy then wishes to be the best doctor in the world, and tries to take care of Tootie until she feels better.

Note: This short takes place before Season 1.

Doctor Turner.png
2 Enter the Cleft! Cosmo and Wanda tells Poof a bedtime story about Cleft rescuing the Crimson Chin.

Note: This short is based on the Game Boy Advance video game.

Enter the Cleft!.png
3 Tootie's Makeover In an attempt to impress Timmy, Tootie decides to get a makeover.

Note: This short takes place before Season 1.

Tootie's Makeover.png
4 Ivan's Derby Ivan, being a fan of demolition derbys, wishes to participate in a demolition derby, putting his life at risk. Ivan's Derby.png
5 Celebrity Combination Candy tells Timmy Chip's story on how he and Britney Britney first met years ago. Celebrity Combination.png
6 Wonder Box Jonathan, Sally, Winston, Stan, and later, Mary, play with the box that he brought from Wonder World.

Note: This is the first short that focuses on the characters of "The Amazing Adventures of Sally Amber and Stan".

Wonder Box.png
7 C.(Cool)J. After getting a blow in the head, A.J. now thinks he's a surfer. C.(Cool)J..png
8 Game, Set, Ma-gic A friendly fairy game competition against, Timmy, Ivan, Remy, and Betty's fairies. Who will win? Game, Set, Ma-gic.png
9 Timmy's Biggest Fan Timmy and his fairies meet Dappy Foxworth, who is said to be Timmy's biggest fan. Timmy's Biggest Fan.png
10 Silent Night Charlotte loses her voice after yelling at a loud customer. Silent Night.png
11 The Disowned Turnbaum Timmy meets Kimmy again, and she tells him a story on how she ended up in Dimmsdale.

Note: This short takes place during Season 2.

12 A Grey Problem When famous actress Grey Griffin is kidnapped by Vicky and Alyssa it will take all her voice acting skills to escape. TBA
13 Bully Bash Tired of Francis' pranks, Timmy, Chester and A.J. work together to give him a piece of their minds. Bully Bash.png
14 Peril Above Popularity Trixie has been kidnapped by the Pixies and it's up to Remy, Juandissimo and Blonda to save her. TBA
15 When Super Villains are Born Timmy tells the stories of the Crimson Chin villains origins during show and tell. When Super Villains are Born.png
16 Little Miss Perfect Fraud After Timmy shares fairies with Chloe and she reveals that she's not as perfect as she seems, the entire town of Dimmsdale, minus Timmy, Crocker and Chloe's parents, starts hating her. It's up to Timmy and his fairies to fix the mess before Chloe and her family are chased out of Dimmsdale.

Note: This short takes place after the events of "The Big Fairy Share Scare".

Little Miss Perfect Fraud.png
17 Wakey, Wakey, Wishy, Wishy! Ivan's sleep-walking in the middle of the night. In addition, he's also sleep-wishing, making it more difficult to wake him up. TBA
18 Summertime ahead of Time The first day of Summer is here and Vicky attempts to ruin it. TBA
19 Fairy Con-Parent! Schnozmo tells Betty the full story of how he became her fairy godparent.

Note: This short takes place before the events of "Betty and Veronica"

Fairy Con-Parent!.png
20 Game In or Game Out TBA TBA
21 Abort, Retry, Fairies? Dimmsdale Elementary launches a website, but the kids and adults find it too difficult to use. Timmy and Ivan wish to make the website more managable and easier to use, but Mr. Crocker changes the password that Timmy and Ivan use to access the school website. It's up to Timmy and Ivan to figure out the new password and reconnect to the website before Mr. Crocker reveals the kids' fairy godparents. TBA
22 A Big Documentary on Foot The girls travel to the woods to make a documentary. A Big Documentary on Foot.png
23 Icky-tastic Voyage TBA TBA
24 The Skylark Family Variety Hour! Timmy, Ivan and Chloe watch a failed variety show pilot that Chip Skylark and his father starred in when he was little. TBA
25 Tangy Take Out Inspired by her father's skills as a teppanyaki chef, Trixie wishes to open her own family restaurant. Tangy Take Out.png
26 A Dinkle-head on a Turner Daran faces his usual problems with the Dinklebergs. Timmy then wishes to put Mr. Dinkleberg's head on his dad's body so that he would learn to cope with his problems. TBA
27 McDead-Man-Walking After overhearing Dr. Fancyfree saying that Chester's got a week to live, he decided to do as much as he can before he's gone. McDead-Man-Walking.png
28 Vick-nosis Vicky steals Dr. Fancyfree's hypnosis kit and hypnotizes her sister Tootie to become evil and very abusive towards Timmy. TBA
29 The Selfish Turner Astronov and Neptunia tell Sunny a bedtime story about a selfish giant, with Timmy's dad in the role of the giant. TBA
30 Katty Takes a Bath Veronica and her family attempt to make Katty take a bath. TBA
31 Keeping Up with the Kelleys TBA TBA
32 Arts and Rafts Ivan tries to get his mind off of surfing while working on his extra credit in Art Class. TBA
33 Poof-a-Sitter When Cosmo and Wanda get tired of taking care after Poof, Timmy offers to take over for them so they can take a break, despite their doubts and Timmy's previous experiences. While Timmy safely babysits Poof, he asks his frenemy Foop to distract Cosmo and Wanda and scare them as payback for their mistreatment of Timmy.

Note: This short takes place between Season 1 and Season 2.

34 Popular Copycat Envious of the popularity that Trixie recieves, Veronica decides to copy her. Popular Copycat.png
35 Turner the Brit Around Timmy is seperated from his family at the airport and ends switching places with Tim Thompson, a kid who looks similar to Timmy. Thus, Timmy ends up with the Thompsons in Britain and reunites with Brianna Bailey. While in Britain, Timmy also has to escape the wrath of Mr. Crumpet, a former British policeman who has a grudge against Tim. TBA
36 A Dim Brit While Timmy switches places with Tim Thompson, Tim ends up with the Turners in Dimmsdale. There, he meets Timmy's friends and enemies. TBA
37 The Great Fran-dini To teach him a lesson, Timmy pulls a prank on Francis as he does his magician performance. The Great Fran-dini.png
38 Cosmo the Genius Wanting to make things up for his past mistakes, Cosmo asks Timmy to wish him to be incredibly smart. Cosmo the Genius.png
39 Partying is Such Sweet Slumber! The girls unexpectedly have a slumber party at Tootie's house. Things went fine until Vicky wakes up. 80px
40 A Knight to Remember Ivan travels to Medieval times and was mistaken for a wanted knight. 80px
41 Mom-Napped! Dark Laser falls in love with Timmy's mom and kidnaps her. It's up to Timmy, Timantha and their fairies to save her. TBA
42 El Diablo Azul TBA TBA
43 Dad-less Crocker Fed up with not being able to prove the existance of fairy godparents, Denzel Crocker decides to figure out the mystery of what happened to his father. Dad-less Crocker.png
44 Snow Use An all-out snowball war occurred after wishing for more snow in the winter. Snow Use.png
45 Deep This Toot Secret Curious to know Timmy's letter he wrote and left lying in his front yard, Tootie went undercover to find out its clues and what it means. Deep This Toot Secret.png
46 Train Wreck Timmy, Sally, Remy, Molly and Dwight team up to get the World's Tastiest Chocolate Bar before the B.R.A.T.s do. Train Wreck.png
47 Do Not Criti-Size The Anti-Fairies have discovered an ancient Anti-Fairy weapon used to defeat their enemies, the Enlargement Mask, making whoever wears it becomes massively tall and aggressive. Timmy and the gang needs to destroy it before all is lost. Do Not Criti-Size.png
48 Brute Canal TBA TBA
49 Vicky's Shopping List TBA TBA
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