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# Title Brief Summary Title Card
141 The New Grade The kids enter 6th grade...

Debut appearance: Erika Harrison

Guest star: Teryl Rothery as Erika Harrison

The New Grade.png
142 An Explosive Cook-Off TBA

Debut appearance: Nana Boom Boom

Guest star: Tress MacNeille as Nana Boom Boom

143 Poltergeeks 2 TBA TBA
144 Lord Chaos Wars Outraged by his exile from his home planet and his defeat by the Power Pals, Lord Chaos quests to travel light years to Earth and destroy them and the addition of Timmy Turner as well.

Guest star: Tim Curry as Lord Chaos, Steve Blum as Black Quickster and Brendan Fraser as Turbo Thunder

145 Catching a Butterfairy TBA

Debut appearance(s): Anti-Goldie, Paul Goldenglow and Karina Goldenglow

146 Fairy Arcade Timmy, Timantha, Ivan, Chloe and their fairies are invited by Jorgen to participate in a Fairy World game show known as "Fairy Arcade". TBA
147 Sunny's Terrible Twosome Sunny is going through the Terrible Twos! Can Astronov and Neptunia calm her down?

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Anti-Sunny

148 Science Fair-y While Timmy was planning on making the greatest science fair project, Ms. Doombringer plans on using parts of his project along with his friends and fairies DNA to make her the most powerful living being ever to live.

One-Time appearance(s): Toni Martin and Mandy Charendoff

Guest star: Cheryl Chase as Mandy Charendoff

149 Crash Nebula R.I.P. Crash Nebula, one of Timmy's favorite TV shows, has been cancelled, and so, he enlists the help of his friends and fairies to try and revive it. TBA
150 Experimental Love When one of Cupid and Wallet's new love experiments took off to Earth it spread everyone with anti-love spray, making everyone, especially the love interests, hate each other. Timmy and Chloe were the only ones who weren't caught by the spray and it was up to them to fix the problem before Valentine's Day is ruined and Cupid disappears forever. TBA
151 Over the Egg-cellent Edge Timantha tells a story of how she and the other girls were able to collect so much Easter related supplies during Spring Break.

Note: This episode is a subplot of what's happened after the events of Springtime With Sunny

Debut appearance(s): Bippy and The Easter Bunny

Guest stars: Dannah Phirman as Missy, Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Bender and Wendell, Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark and Robert Costanzo as The Easter Bunny

Over the Egg-cellent Edge.png
152 Double Birthday Wish! When Timmy and Chloe learned that nobody attended Ivan's parties because of him being lonely back in Russia, and after being reminded of Tootie's miserable parties which nobody attended thanks to Vicky, Ivan came up with an idea to share his fairies with Tootie for the rest of their birthday. At the birthday party, Crocker, with help from Zack Harrison, tries to convince Tootie and Ivan to reveal the fairies' existence.

One-Time appearance(s): Ash Harrison

Guest stars: Scott Baio as Zack Harrison, Teryl Rothery as Erika Harrison and Colleen Villard as Ash Harrison

Double Birthday Wish!.png
153 A McBadbat Family Reunion Curious to know about what happened to his mother, Chester decided to find some intel.

Debut appearance(s): April McBadbat

A McBadbat Family Reunion.png
154 Keep Your Enemies Closer TBA TBA
155 Plainly Crashing Timmy, Chester and A.J. were invited to Remy's private plane and take a nice long trip above the sky.

Absent: Ivan, Timantha, Chloe, Poof, Astronov, Neptunia and Sunny

156 Fairly Odd Comrade: The Musical Timmy and Ivan wish to relive the day they first met, only this time, as a musical. TBA
157 No B.R.A.T.S. Allowed! Vicky wants her former friends to rejoin the group, but they refuse and were in need of Timmy and his friends help to get Vicky away from their lives forever. 80px
158 An Unlikely Team-Up Someone is trying to destroy both fairies and the butterfairies, but it's not the Anti-fairies this time. Who's behind this plan? Fairy babies and Anti-Fairy babies do the unthinkable and team up with each other to find out who wants to destroy both fairies and the butterfairies. TBA
159 The Wishing Ten An epic battle between Timmy and his fellow godchild friends against the team of fairy hunters!

Guest stars: Dana Carvey as Schnozmo, Scott Baio as Zack Harrison, Steven Weber as Hugh J. Magnate, Billy West as Tony and Katey Sagal as Anne

The Wishing Ten.png
160 One Last Wish Now in their twenties, Timmy, Timantha, Ivan and Chloe have one last adventure together with their fairies before they lose them forever.

Guest star: Justin Roiland as Teen Ivan

Note: This episode takes place during Timmy and Ivan's teen years, and is the series finale of "The All New Fairly OddParents!".

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