The All New Fairly OddParents!
Season 4
The All New Fairly OddParents! Season 4
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# Title Brief Summary Title Card
121 The All New Fairly OddParents! Bloopers Taking place outside the series, the stars of the show are being reviewed for the few mistakes they've done while rehearsing for episodes. The All New Fairly OddParents! Bloopers
122 Clefted Spirits TBA

One-Time appearance(s): Venom Lips and Slick Feline

123 Bye Bye Boil Elmer and his girlfriend, Rose have had enough of their boils and want them removed.

Debut appearance(s): Rose Cherry, Mr. and Mrs. Boyle

124 Sunny's Terrible Twosome Sunny is going through the Terrible Twos! Can Astronov and Neptunia calm her down?

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Anti-Sunny

125 Behind the Magic TBA TBA
126 The Zappys 2: Award Boogaloo The Zappys Award ceremony returns and Timmy decides to participate at it again...

Debut appearance(s): Eliza

Note: Instead of Sally participating in the awards, it is Mary Amber.

127 Big Combat Boots to Fill TBA

Debut appearance(s): Hank and Neil Ryan

128 Wonder World Misadventures TBA

Guest stars: Brendan Fraser as Turbo Thunder and Steve Blum as Black Quickster.

129 Sunny's Pirate Adventure Sunny with her friends goes on an adventure to find some treasure.

Guest star: Dana Carvey as Schnozmo, Billy West as Tony and Katey Sagal as Anne

130 Fairy World Origins Jorgen tells Timmy, Timantha, Ivan, Chloe and their fairies a story of how Fairy World came to be. Fairy World Origins
131 Power Pals Return Lord Chaos arrives 57 million light years into the future, where he reveals to the Power Pals that Timmy tricked them. By going through the fountain of youth and a wormhole, Power Pals swear revenge on Timmy Turner and the Anti-Timmy Force Four.

Debut appearance(s): The Power Pals and Lord Chaos

Guest stars: Tim Curry as Lord Chaos and Cindy Robinson as Felicity

132 The Not-Smart House The Turners want to buy a computerized upgrade for their house, but it's too expensive for them to afford it, so Timmy wishes to upgrade his house to be computerized, but the house has a mind of its own and develops an obsessive attraction to Timmy.

One-Time appearance(s): Compuhouse 5000

133 Generation Paradox Part One Timmy wishes for technology twenty years later to exist in his time. Meanwhile in the future during her birthday, Jessie wishes for technology twenty years ago to exist in her time. Little was known that it was slowly ripping fabric of space and time.

Debut appearance(s): Marty Mulligan and Mitzie Mulligan

Generation Paradox Part One
134 Generation Paradox Part Two After the future kids met up with their past parents, they need to work together to stop the ripping fabric of time before everything and themselves disappears forever. Generation Paradox Part Two
135 ♪Da-da-da Date♪ Timmy and Tootie, Ivan and Chloe and the rest of the love interests go out on a date, yet, they try really hard to improvise making things work for their plans when, unbeknownst to them, their enemies keep ruining it. 80px
136 Dogie Disgrace Doidle is forbidden from dating Trixie's pet poodle, Fifi. TBA
137 Unnamed Hugh Magnate episode TBA

Debut appearance(s): Hugh J. Magnate

Guest star: Steven Weber as Hugh J. Magnate

138 Friend or Fiendish Canine Tired of Sparky ruining his weekends, Timmy and the others plan on baiting him in order to be rid of him for good. Meanwhile, the L.O.S.E.R.S. volunteer to have Sparky the honor of destroying Timmy, but he's been having doubts on what he's about to do. 80px
139 A Grand Experience Grandpa Vlad and Grandma Gladys have come for a visit while Mama Cosma and Big Daddy show up giving their in-laws grief.

Guest stars: Tony Sirico as Big Daddy and Margo Martindale as Hefty Ma.

140 Dance it Off It's the kids final day in the fifth grade and Timmy and Ivan are being slowed down by several obstacles along the way from reaching school to get to the Final School Day Dance. Dance it Off
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