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The All New Fairly OddParents! Season 3
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101 Un-Popularized Francis has taken control of Dimmsdale Elementary and took away the rich kids records of popularity. Timmy and Ivan join forces with the popular kids to get the school back to its former self. Un-Popularized
102 A Fairly Odd Party Timmy, Ivan and the rest plan on making the perfect High School graduation party. Meanwhile, Mr. Crocker was going through a mid-life crisis and wanted to find out why.

Guest stars: Yuri Lowenthal as Teen Timmy and Justin Roiland as Teen Ivan

Spoilers: The end of this special reveals that it was all a dream from Timmy. This dream takes place eight years in the future.

A Fairly Odd Party
103 Chins, Squirrels and Anti-Fairies The Anti-Fairies got themselves into the Crimson Chin comic book, appearing as new villains that he, Cleft and others must face off against.

Debut appearance(s): Jester Queen, Chemo-Clown, Melt Woman, Mystika, The Swindler, Little Boss, Pollution Gal

Chins, Squirrels and Anti-Fairies
104 Hooking Things Up After being convinced to skip school, both Timmy, Sally, and their friends from their schools were being followed by Shallowgrave and were being taken to H.O.O.K. (Horrible Offensive Off-sided Kids) for punishment.

Debut appearance(s): Gary and Betty and Shallowgrave

NOTE: This episode is corresponded with it's spin-off, The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan.

Hooking Things Up
105 Heck of a Sunny Day After trying to help her fairy godsister gain control of her magic, Chloe and Sunny got themselves stranded in a desert in the middle of nowhere. Heck of a Sunny Day
106 Doombringer and Crocker Mr. Crocker teams up with Ms. Doombringer to take down Timmy Turner and his fairies. However, Mr. Crocker begins to rethink his decision after disagreeing with Ms. Doombringer about her method of dealing with fairies.

Guest stars: Billy West as Tony and Katey Sagal as Anne

Doombringer and Crocker
107 Tales of the 2nd Dimension Dimmsdale Sequel to The End of Dimmsdale. It has been 4 months since the defeat of the 2nd Dimension Turbo Thunder and the 2nd Dimension Dimmsdale is now free from his iron fist, and things in the 2nd Dimension Dimmsdale are at peace. But when a new threat emerges, it is up to Timmy, Chester and A.J. and the rest of the resistance fighters to defeat this new foe.

Debut appearance(s): 2.D. Molly, 2.D. Vicky, 2.D. Timantha, 2.D. Nicky, 2.D. Ivan, 2.D. Chloe, 2.D. Mr. Turner, 2.D. Mrs. Turner, 2.D. Sanjay, 2.D. Elmer, 2.D. Chet Ubetcha, 2.D. John, 2.D. Dwight, 2.D. Mr. Prestonovich, 2.D. Mrs. Prestonovich, 2.D. Clark, 2.D. Connie and 2.D. Aero

Tales of the 2nd Dimension Dimmsdale
108 A Smart and Pretty Race Trixie and Charlotte are getting tired of comparing their sides of beauty. So, they decided to settle their differences with a little race. A Smart and Pretty Race
109 Dinkleberg Rivalry Origins Tired of his dad's constant hatred of Sheldon Dinkleberg and his inability to let it go, Timmy, Ivan, Chloe, and Timantha decided to travel back to the 1970's to find out why. Meanwhile, using Hilda's time travel gun, Dante travels back in time as well to learn the origin of Daran's hate of Dinkleberg.

Guest star: H. Jon Benjamin as Benjamin Woolworth

Debut appearance(s): Amisha Patel, Vic, Chip Skylark II and Tiffany Tang (cameo)

Dinkleberg Rivalry Origins
110 The Search for Poof After checking the casket and seeing the "deceased" Poof disappear into thin air, Jorgen noticed that Poof actually cloned himself and is still alive. When Timmy and his fairies have been told that Poof is still alive, he and his friends all work together to help Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda find Poof in one piece.

Guest stars: Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark, Dannah Phirman as Missy and Dana Carvey as Schnozmo

The Search for Poof
111 Not So Bright Future Taking place 20 years in the future with the story of Timmy, Ivan and A.J.'s future children.

Guest stars: Drake Bell as Adult Timmy, Justin Roiland as Adult Ivan, Daniella Monet as Adult Tootie, Khary Payton as Adult Chad and Kelly Hu as Adult Trixie

Official appearance(s): Tammy Turner, Tommy Turner and Jessica Prestonovich

Debut appearance(s): Gregory Prestonovich, David JamesCelia James, and Otto Buxaplenty

Not so Bright Future
112 Gendersdale Timmy has a dream where everyone is genderswapped, including himself.

Guest stars: Nancy Cartwright as Troy Tang, Mr. Lawrence as Nigel-Night Crocker, Greg Cipes as Chris Carmichael, Maria Canals Barrera as Juandissima Magnifica and Dan Castellaneta as Blondo.

One-Time appearance(s): Chris Carmichael, Blondo, Marcia Chang, Frankie Callahan, Barry Star, Sandelia Patel, Elmette Boyle, Juandissima Magnifica and Renet Buxaplenty

113 Hector the Fairy Hunting Robot With the aid of Mr. Crocker's modifications on his adoptive robot son, he'll might have a better chance to catch and prove the existence of fairies.

Debut appearance(s): Hector, Swizzle and Irving

Hector the Fairy Hunting Robot
114 No Good Modeling Left Alone After watching the beauty pageants, Chloe, Tootie and Mr. Mulligan have called it's producer and made a promise to help find someone who is really good at modeling. Lucky for them, Timmy has met one and is willing to help out.

Debut appearance(s): Carly Grey, Nancy Kelley and Lorraine Wilson

No Good Modeling Left Alone
115 Godparent House Party Timmy throws a party and invites Sally, Molly, Dwight, Trixie, Remy, Betty and Mary to his house. However, Zack follows Sally and Mary and wants to ruin the party.

Debut appearance(s): Zack Harrison, Oliver Star, Norma-Jean Star

Guest stars: Scott Baio as Zack Harrison and Dana Carvey as Schnozmo

Godparent House Party
116 Uncle Vic John's older brother and Vicky and Tootie's uncle Vic comes to Dimmsdale for a family reunion, but Ivan and Timmy are suspicious of him.

Guest star(s): Thomas F. Wilson as Vic and Jerry Harrison as Chip Skylark II

Uncle Vic
117 Switch Twitch Curious to know which magic is more powerful, the kids wished to switch fairy godparents for the rest of the day. Switch Twitch
118 To Be or Not to Be Iced Team Toughwands are participating to compete against other teams across the globe. Meanwhile, Mr. Crocker spies on them in order to expose Poof. To Be or Not to Be Iced
119 The Story of a Russian Godkid Ivan tells Timmy a story of how his parents first met, when he was born and got his fairy godparents, and how his life was like before moving to Dimmsdale. The Story of a Russian Godkid
120 The Mother of all Days The Mother's Day party is coming, and everyone but Trixie is going.

Official apperance(s): Tiffany Tang and Fifi

The Mother of all Days
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