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51 Fairly Odd Travel Round Da World Ivan wanted to go around the world, but without magic. So, with Timmy's help, Ivan will get exactly what he desires. Meanwhile, while the kids and fairies travel around the world, Mr. Crocker was way too focused on catching the magic from the fairies, instead of spending time with his mother. After Dolores walked away from her son disappointed, Denzel calls in Dark Laser and Foop to help him get things right.

Debut appearance(s): Candy Skylark

Guest Stars: Dannah Phirman as Missy and Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Candy

Fairly Odd Travel Round Da World.png
52 Space Age Play Inspired by Crash Nebula, Ivan decides to create his own theater play set in space with the help of Timmy, Timantha, Mark Chang and his alien friends, Jeff and Erik. Unfortunately, Ivan's fairies are unable to help, as Astronov and Neptunia's parents came for a visit, which begin criticizing Ivan's play.

Debut appearance(s): Papa Solarview and Madame Windypool

Guest stars: Greg Baldwin as Papa Solarview and Pat Musick as Madame Windypool

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to an astronaut helmet

Space Age Play.png
53 Robothology The Fairly OddParents characters meet the My Life as a Teenage Robot characters, with Timmy, his fairies and friends, plus the Eliminators from the Kindness teaming up with Jenny and her friends to stop the Destructinator, who has teamed up with Smytus, Killgore and all the other villains from My Life as a Teenage Robot, creating the Cluster Darkness, to eliminate XJ-9 and Timmy Turner!

Guest stars: Candi Milo as Mrs. Wakeman, Chad Doreck as Brad, Audrey Wasilewski as Tuck, Yuri Lowenthal as Sheldon, Gary Anthony Sturgis as the Destructinator and other My Life as a Teenage Robot voices.

54 Imaginary Irina Ivan remembers that he had an imaginary friend/girlfriend named Irina. So, he wished for Imaginary Irina to be real, but things get worse when Imaginary Irina wants revenge on Ivan for abandoning her when Ivan finds a real girlfriend. Ivan can't even unwish her because Irina is from his imagination, and thus she is part of him, allowing Irina to make wishes too. Timmy and Ivan must now find a way to prevent Irina from getting revenge on Ivan before she eliminates him as an act of vengeance.

Debut appearance(s): Irina

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Imaginary Irina

Imaginary Irina.png
55 The Big Elementbending Wish! Being a huge fan of Elementbending Master cartoon series, Ivan wishes for the world to be like the cartoon, with everyone being able to bend certain elements, like water, earth, fire & air, with Timmy becoming the Avatar. Unfortunately for both Timmy & Ivan, this turns their daily villains, including Vicky, Mr. Crocker, and Francis, into benders aswell, and Timmy & Ivan must team up with their now element-bending classmates to stop them.

Guest stars: Dannah Phirman as Missy, Billy West as Tony and Katey Sagal as Anne

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mr. Crocker

The Big Elementbending Wish!.png
56 Crimson Chaos Cleft has been framed by a new super villain.

Debut appearance(s): Stuttgarter, Vault, the Masked Musketeer, Iron Lung, H2Olga, Copper Cranium, Brass Knuckles, Gilded Arches, Titanium Toenail, Golden Gut and Zinc Stomach

Guest stars: Jay Leno as The Crimson Chin, Richard Steven Horvitz as Copper Cranium and Nolan North as Iron Lung.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Cleft

Crimson Chaos.png
57 Catman and Ivan Ivan helps Veronica's Dad become the new Catman and honoring Adam West.

Debut appearance: Catman/Matt Star, Nuts and Raven the Boy Wonder

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Catman

Catman and Ivan.png
58 The Fairly Loud Odd House Lisa Loud is working on a strange experiment which nearly ends up destroying her room and the whole Loud residence. But, thankfully, it didn't. Lisa built a portal to travel between Dimmsdale and Royal Woods. Meanwhile, Timmy has found a strange looking portal hidden in the garage of his house, which turns out to be the destination of Lisa's portal in Royal Woods. The Loud House and the Fairly OddParents characters meet and hijinks ensue, in both Dimmsdale and Royal Woods.

Guest stars: Tex Hammond as Lincoln Loud, Jessica DiCicco as Lucy and Lynn Loud, Liliana Mumy as Leni Loud, Nika Futterman as Luna Loud, Catherine Taber as Lori Loud, Cristina Pucelli as Luan Loud, Lara Jill Miller as Lisa Loud and other cast members from the Loud House.

The Fairly Loud Odd House.png
59 A Mile In Popularity's Shoes After another failed date with Trixie, Timmy decides he is tired of Tootie's offer on a date and wishes to switch lives with Trixie, believing that he will have a better life.

One-Time appearance(s): Timmy Tang and Trixie Turner

Absent: Ivan, Astronov and Neptunia

Vicky Head Gag: Timmy replaced with Trixie

A Mile In Popularity's Shoes.png
60 A Chloe-tastic Adventure Chloe Carmichael gets back in town and everyone's excited, particularly Ivan, who has grown a crush on her.

Debut appearance(s): Chloe Carmichael, Clark Carmichael and Connie Carmichael

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Chloe

A Chloe-tastic Adventure.png
61 Spreading The Love After a date with Chloe, Ivan gets into serious trouble with Veronica, and wants to set things right, so that everyone can be together. Ivan, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Astronov, Neptunia & Cupid decide to pair the boys with the girls that suit them most.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a love arrow

Spreading The Love.png
62 Organized Trash TBA

Debut appearance: Hefty Ma

Guest stars: Tony Sirico as Big Daddy and Margo Martindale as Hefty Ma.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a trash bag

Organized Trash.png
63 The Last Chloecorn Chloe, a brave unicorn and Timmy the Magician fight the evil Queen Vicky, who is obsessed with attempting to capture the world's unicorns.

Vicky Head Gag: A unicorn horn appears on Vicky's forehead

The Last Chloecorn.png
64 The Fairly Odd T.U.F.F. Phantom is a Beast The heroes from all four worlds have teleported to a strange universe. Timmy, Turner and Chloe Carmichael, Danny Phantom and Sam Manson, Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell and Bunsen the Beast and Mikey Munroe all met in the same unknown world where they've met two alien leaders named Glamber and Dunk who has made a challenge to see who is the best hero in their universes. Little did they know, the aliens plans on taking over all four worlds.

Guest stars: David Kaufman as Danny Fenton, Rickey D'Shon Collins as Tucker Foley, Colleen Villard as Jazz Fenton, Jerry Trainor as Dudley Puppy, Jeremy Rowley as Bunsen, Ben Giroux as Mikey and other cast members from Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen is a Beast.

The Fairly Odd T.U.F.F. Phantom is a Beast.png
65 The Fairly OddClip Show With nothing to do, Timmy and Chloe decide to go over past experiences in a form of clips from previous episodes.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a T.V.

The Fairly OddClip Show.png
66 Mulligan vs. Crocker Wanting to settle the score on who's the better teacher, Crocker and Mulligan decided to create a competition and have the kids decide who is better.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to David Mulligan

Mulligan vs. Crocker.png
67 Happy Bob Flappy Bob is still a clown, but the Pixies want him back as a businessman. So it is up to Timmy and Ivan to stop the Pixies from making Flappy Bob a businessman again.

Debut appearance(s): Flappy Bob, Flappy Bob's parents

Guest star: Ben Stein as Head Pixie and Sanderson

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Flappy Bob

Happy Bob.png
68 A Sunny Glimpse When Chloe and Ivan wish up a baby for Astronov and Neptunia to fulfill their desire to be parents, Neptunia gives birth to their daughter, Sunny. Foop sees it as another way to use the baby's untapped magic to take over the universe, but ends up being distracted by love. It's up to Ivan, Chloe, Astronov, Neptunia, Jorgen, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof to keep Sunny as safe with her new family as possible.

Debut appearance(s): Sunny

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a fairy baby rattle

A Sunny Glimpse.png
69 Springtime With Sunny Sunny is upset when her mother, Neptunia, cancels Easter and declares "Spring Cleaning Day" instead.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to an Easter hat

Springtime With Sunny.png
70 The Godchildish Birthday It's Timmy, Timantha, and Chloe's birthdays. After Ivan watched over the confused look in their eyes, he and his fairies developed a list to keep all birthdays in a fashionable order, or else their days will be a catastrophe.

Guest star: Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a birthday preasent

The Godchildish Birthday.png
71 Sparky's Secret Origins Due to Timmy not returning Sparky back to Fairy World Petshop, Timmy and Ivan decided to travel back in time to learn about Sparky's origin of why he is destructive and nobody wants to be with him.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Sparky

Sparky's Secret Origins.png
72 Tricky Genie Ivan found a lamp in Jorgen's fort and rubs it, releasing Norm the Genie, who vows revenge on Timmy. Norm tricks Ivan by making him think Timmy's the bad person. Timmy tries to convince Ivan of Norm's true colors, but he wouldn't listen.

Debut appearance(s): Norm the Genie

Guest Star: Norm MacDonald as Norm the Genie

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Norm

Tricky Genie.png
73 Gone Flushin' Again Dad flushes Timmy, Ivan, Chloe and the fairies down the toilet and after Cosmo, Wanda, Astronov, and Neptunia lose their wands and Poof and Sunny lose their rattles, they indulge in a wild goose chase through the sewer to get them back.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a toilet

Gone Flushin' Again.png
74 Golden Power Timmy and Timantha are excited that Golden Locks, Crimson Chin's former super heroine girlfriend, is getting her own spin-off comic. Not only does Golden Locks face off against some of Crimson Chin's enemies, but also has new enemies of her own. Ivan, Chloe, and their fairies also join in, as they feel that Golden Locks may need a helping hand.

Debut appearance(s): Golden Locks, Hair Razor, Trimmer Clipper, Miss Celsius, Squirrelly Chloe, Kitty Sunny

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Golden Locks

Golden Power.png
75 Pet to Pest The Dimmsdale Pet Audition has came and Anti-Sparky has come to ruin it.

Debut appearance(s): The Mayor of Dimmsdale, Chompy the Goat, Joe Johnson, Viola Johnson, Anti-Sparky and Girlfriend

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a pet bowl

Pet to Pest.png
76 Dogbite Doctor Chloe must seek the aid of a colony of dogs, who want to seek revenge on Dr. Snipowitz for his bad treatment of pets.

Debut appearance(s): Dr. Snipowitz, Dinkledog, Peaches, Voodoo, Lupus

Guest stars: Billy West as Tony, Katey Sagal as Anne, Jerry Trainor as Dinkledog, Tress MacNeille as Peaches and Amber Hood as Lupus.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a dog bone

Dogbite Doctor.png
77 Magical Dog Revolution The Sparky clones have been kicked out from the Planet of the Dads due to their uncontrollable behavior and are now running amok all over Dimmsdale.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mr. Turner

Magical Dog Revolution.png
78 Timmy's Cartoon Show Timmy, inspired by his animation idol, Raymond Partman, decides to create a cartoon show. Ivan wants to help him out as one of the main writers, and with the help of their fairies and friends, they try their best to make a cartoon of their own, Deranged Teacher, based on Crocker's insanity. Meanwhile, Crocker finds out about Timmy's cartoon and that their fairies are involved in production, and attempts to sabotage the show before he becomes the town's laughing stock.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a storyboard

Timmy's Cartoon Show.png
79 Cat Out of the Bag TBA

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mrs. Star

Cat Out of the Bag.png
80 Blast from the... Past? Ivan wants to see how Timmy got his godparents, so they wished up a time machine and went back in time and see that Timmy, his fairies, parents and Vicky look different.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to her former self

Blast from the... Past.png
81 A Sunny Storm Sunny's Anti-Fairy counterpart was born and she has teamed up with Foop to cause destruction in both Fairy World and the Earth.

Debut appearance(s): Anti-Sunny, Sammy Sweetsparkle, Goldie Goldenglow and Ms. Powers

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to an anti-fairy baby bottle

A Sunny Storm.png
82 Solarview and Windypool Beginnings Timmy, Ivan, Chloe, Poof and Sunny are curious about Astronov and Neptunia's past, so they both tell their children and godchildren the story of how they first met up until they both got married.

Guest stars: Greg Baldwin as Papa Solarview and Pat Musick as Madame Windypool

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to young Astronov

Solarview and Windypool Beginnings.png
83 Super Teamwork! TBA

Debut appearance(s): Creature Kid, Senator Sinew and Comet Commando

Guest star: Dan Castellaneta as Comet Commando.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Comet Commando

Super Teamwork!.png
84 Humanly Fairy World Angels Timmy, with the help of Tootie, Trixie and Veronica are trying to find his report card he left at Uncle Knuckle's Chuckle Bunker. If Timmy doesn't find his report card, he will be expelled.

Debut appearance(s): The April Fool

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a chocolate cotton candy

Humanly Fairy World Angels.png
85 The Wishmas That Almost Wasn't Ivan wasn't in the Christmas spirit. So, it's up to Timmy and friends to fix it.

Debut appearance(s): Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a Christmas Star

The Wishmas That Almost Wasn't.png
86 Boudacian Vacation Mark Chang and his friends, Jeff and Erik, invite Timmy, Timantha, Ivan, Chloe and their fairy godparents to a vacation on Mandie's home planet, Boudacia.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a planet

Boudacian Vacation.png
87 Real World Nebula TBA

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Crash Nebula

Real World Nebula.png
88 Timantha's Grand Days Pappy came to visit the family and tells his story of him raising Timantha.

Debut appearance(s): Pappy Turner

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Pappy

Timantha's Grand Days.png
89 Good Luck, Adam Williams After receiving a phone call from Adam Williams, Wanda, Cosmo, Ivan and Timmy have to go to Los Angeles and protect Adam Williams from the Black Quickster, a meta-human policeman from Wonder World who seeks to eliminate Adam Williams after somehow discovering Adam's secret and killing Mark Brown.

Debut appearance(s): Black Quickster

Guest stars: Seth Green as Adam Williams and Steve Blum as Black Quickster

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a police badge

Good Luck, Adam Williams.png
90 Secret Agent Poof Timmy and Ivan was framed for the theft of the Ancient Fairy Solider Eye and was taken to Abracatraz for questioning. It was up to Poof and Sunny to find out who's behind this and prove their god-siblings innocence.

One-Time character(s): B.I.L.L.Y.

Guest star: Mark Hamill as Mysterious Voice

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Chad

Secret Agent Poof.png
91 Girl's Night In Mandie has used her Boudacian technology to turn every female in Dimmsdale evil, however, Timantha, Chloe, Wanda, Neptunia and Sunny were the only ones who didn't get affected and were the only ones to stop Mandie. Meanwhile, the boys were going on a fishing trip unbeknownst that the L.O.S.E.R.S. were after them.

Vicky Head Gag: The males in the title card disappear

Girl's Night In.png
92 Outrage in the Pet Cage Ivan and Chloe want to go inside Astronov and Neptunia's pet cage, with both godparents giving them a tour of inside their pet cage, and Ivan and Chloe wish back some of their past godchildren from Astronov and Neptunia's Hall of Fame, but cause trouble after accidentally wishing back past godchildren from their Hall of Infamy. It's up to Ivan, Chloe, their fairies and their past godchildren to recapture the bad godchildren before they can take their revenge on Astronov and Neptunia.

One-Time character(s): TBA

Absent: Timmy, Timantha, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a pet cage

Outrage in the Pet Cage.png
93 Takes A Turner To Know A Turner While taking a family trip to Seattle, the Turners have been, without noticing, being stalked by the Turnbaums who seek revenge.

Debut appearance(s): The Turnbaums

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mrs. Turner

Takes a Turner to know a Turner.png
94 Out Beach the Bully Timantha, Chloe, Sunny and the other girls teamed up to compete in order to win the best sand castle. Things went well, until Francis showed up and ruins everything. Meanwhile, Timmy, Ivan and the Squirrely Scouts go on a camping trip.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a beach ball

Out Beach the Bully.png
95 Blond-dissimo Desperate that no female in Fairy World wants to be with Juandissimo after seeing how mean he was back in High School, he's decided to stay single forever until he laid eyes on Blonda. Blonda was excited to see Juandissimo in person and he thinks of her as the right woman. After a few dates, they were planning to get married. Unfortunately for Remy, he was stuck in his house being babysat by Lauren Ledergerber but was able to escape and make his way to his godfather's marriage.

Official appearance(s): Lauren Ledergerber

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Lauren

96 The Johnson Feud TBA

One-Time appearance(s): Emma and Vondila Johnson.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Emma

The Johnson Feud.png
97 Twerpy Triumph Failed to make Timmy's day a misery, Vicky has been replaced by one of the members of B.R.A.T., Alyssa.

Official appearance(s): Alyssa Armstrong, Mercy Frank and Libra Lane

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Sally

Twerpy Triumph.png
98 A Foolish Mistake It's April Fools Day, and Timmy, Timantha, Chloe and their fairies decide to play pranks on Ivan, who really hates the holiday. So Ivan summons the April Fool to get back at his friends. Unfortunately, the April Fool goes a bit too far in pranking Ivan's friends. Can Ivan put a stop to this?

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to the April Fool

A Foolish Mistake.png
99 Mr. Crocker, You're Fired Mr. Crocker gets fired as a teacher of Dimmsdale Elementary, and gets replaced by Ms. Doombringer (disguised as Mrs. Sunshine), who returns to seek revenge on Timmy Turner.

Debut appearance(s): Ms. Doombringer

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mrs. Sunshine

Mr. Crocker, You're Fired.png
100 The Night Magic Died Taking place after Part 1, Poof must sacrifice his life to save Fairy World, while Cosmo and Astronov find and confront Juandissimo to pay the price for what he has done.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Ms. Doombringer

The Night Magic Died.png
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