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# Title Brief Summary Title Card
1 Fairly Odd Comrade Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda & Poof are excited when Ivan arrives to Dimmsdale, complete with his own fairy godparents! Timmy then shows Ivan around Dimmsdale, and introduces him to his friends and enemies.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mr. Prestonovich

Fairly Odd Comrade.png
2 Trixie Gets Busted Trixie Tang is put in juvie for robbing a bank, and Veronica is now the most popular girl in school. However, Timmy suspects that Trixie was framed. He enlists the help of Ivan & his fairies and together, they uncover the truth behind the robbery.

Debut appearance(s): Johnathan Tang, Chet Ubetcha and Chief Marmel

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Chief Marmel

Trixie Gets Busted.png
3 The Stories of Dimmsdale Timmy & Ivan wonder, what would it be like to see other people's lives in Dimmsdale, providing a glimpse of their personalities and private lives.

Debut appearance(s): Elmer and Sanjay

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Elmer

The Stories of Dimmsdale.png
4 All-In-One Romance Timmy finds the old Magic Muffin that he got back when the Darkness started invading, and decides to put it to good use, which includes fusing Trixie & Tootie into a beautiful girl.

Debut appearance(s): Nicky (no lines), Robot Tootie and Robot Trixie

One-Time appearance(s): Trixootie

Guest star: Lacey Chabert as Trixootie.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Trixootie

All-In-One Romance.png
5 A Taste of Fakery Timmy and friends introduce Ivan to Mark Chang, who is on the run from Yugopotamians and Princess Mandie, who was recently paroled. After causing some hijinks in Dimmsdale, Ivan offers Mark to stay on Earth while he goes to Yugopotamia, disguised as Mark, with Timmy and Mark creating the Fake-i-fier 2.0. But Ivan blows his cover and must fight off Mandie to save his planet.

Debut appearance(s): Mark Chang, Jeff, Erik, Princess Mandie, King Gripullon, Queen Jipjorrulac, King and Queen of Boudacia

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mandie

A Taste of Fakery.png
6 Invisible Dad Timmy gets tired of being bossed around and being annoyed by his dad and wishes for him to disappear.

Debut appearance(s): Mr. Dinkleberg and Miriam Dinkleberg

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mr. Dinkleberg

Invisible Dad.png
7 Anthology of Terror Ivan and Timmy's friends are invited to Timmy's house on Halloween, and they all tell ghost stories to each other.

One-Time appearance(s): Sid Smeckledorf

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns into a Halloween pumpkin

Anthology of Terror.png
8 A Waste of Potential Ivan shows Timmy, Tootie, Veronica, A.J. & Chester one of the best things he's ever seen: the unfortunately rejected pilot episode of "The Modifyers".

Vicky Head Gag: Vicky and Neptunia switch heads

A Waste of Potential.png
9 It's a Vickyful Life Vicky goes through yet another day of torturing Timmy Turner, when he suddenly wishes to see what the world would be like if Vicky was never born.

Debut appearance(s): John, Geraldine Waxelplax (no lines), Lauren Ledergerber and Alyssa Armstrong

Vicky Head Gag: Vicky disappears

It's a Vickyful Life.png
10 In the Future, There Will Be Fairies Ivan wishes to create a machine that allows the user to make a simulation of the future, but he ends up getting too impressed to get out. It's up to Timmy, Cosmo & Wanda to enter the simulation and get Ivan out.

Debut appearance(s): Remy Buxaplenty, Tammy Turner, Tommy Turner and Jessica Prestonovich (cameos)

Guest stars: Drake Bell as adult Timmy Turner and Justin Roiland as adult Ivan Prestonovich.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to adult Tootie

In the Future, There Will Be Fairies.png
11 A Trip to the Movies Timmy & his friends discover that Hollywood is debuting a movie based on Timmy's adventures. After going to see the movie, however, everyone, except for Ivan and his fairies is furious and embarrassed by the inaccurate and exaggerated portrayals.

Debut appearance(s): Chip Skylark

Guest star: Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark.

Vicky Head Gag: Vicky replaced with Chip Skylark

A Trip to the Movies.png
12 Revenge of the L.O.S.E.R.S. Adam Williams arrives in Dimmsdale to seek Ivan, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda & Poof's help to stop Crocker, Dark Laser, Vicky, Foop & Sparky, who have teamed up with Mark Brown to destroy them!

Debut appearance(s): Adam Williams, Mark Brown, Foop, Dark Laser, Flipsie and Sparky

Guest stars: Seth Green as Adam Williams & Nolan North as Mark Brown.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Adam Williams

Revenge of the L.O.S.E.R.S..png
13 Unparental Controls Ivan & Veronica wish to play babysitters with Poof while Cosmo & Wanda go to a fairy conference.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns a bottle

Unparental Controls.png
14 Filthy Wishmouth Ivan & Timmy learn a few "sentence enhancers" from their fairies, which are actually bad words, and start saying those words around their homes and school.

Debut appearance(s): David Mulligan, Erika Wallace and Robert Birkenbake, Nurse Quack and Samuel Griffin

Vicky Head Gag: Zipper appears on Vicky's mouth

Filthy Wishmouth.png
15 Timantha's Moving In! Timmy reads a letter from his mail, excited that his twin sister, Timantha is moving in with him. After her arrival, Timmy asked a request for his sister, letting her tell him everything she knows about girl stuff so that Timmy could win Trixie's heart. Successfully doing just that, Timmy became more scheduled on Trixie's plans after he won her over. However, Timmy noticed he barely spent any time with his sister. Upset, Timantha left a letter to Timmy, telling him she's moving out. Because of Timmy's behavior, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof leave Timmy and are assigned to be Timantha's fairy godparents. It's up for Timmy to fix what he's done wrong and get his "five minutes younger" sister and his fairy godparents back.

Debut appearance(s): Timantha Turner

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Timantha

Timantha's Moving In!.png
16 Scamylan Timmy and his friends are characters in a parody of James Bond, where Timmy must stop Scamylan (played by Sanjay), a diabolical film producer, who produces movies with mind-blowing twists.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Sanjay

17 Blonda Way or Another Ivan and Poof get to meet Wanda's identical, but somewhat hotter sister, Blonda, now that the famous fairy soap opera, "All My Biceps", is holding an audition for fairies to play their part as a new doctor, since the actor Dr. Poof Everwish quit before taping their new season, and they're also adding a new character to her show. Ivan wishes to be a fairy and both he and Poof get the job in "All My Biceps" with their performances, quickly making them idols. The ratings of the show skyrocket, but Blonda's spotlight gets stolen numerous times by Ivan, and it doesn't take long for certain fans to start complaining.

Debut appearance(s): Blonda, Fairy Hart and Bob Glimmer

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a Zappy

Blonda Way or Another.png
18 SpongeOdd SquareParents Wanting to ace his aquarium project, Timmy wishes to go to the most exotic ocean in the universe. Timmy and fairies was poofed to Bikini Bottom, where he met Spongebob Squarepants. While taking Timmy a tour around town, Plankton's stolen Timmy's return pad and sent himself to Dimmsdale, where he met and join forces with Crocker, Dark Laser and Foop to take over both worlds.

Guest stars: Bill Fagerbakke as Patrick, Rodger Bumpass as Squidward, Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs, Mr. Lawrence as Plankton and other Spongebob cast members.

SpongeOdd SquareParents.png
19 Bad Luck 101 Friday the 13th approaches, and both Ivan & Timmy get struck with lots of bad luck. Timmy explains the existance of Anti-Fairies to Ivan, and they both wish to get special goggles that allow them to see the Anti-Fairies. They meet Anti-Astronov, a lazy, dim-witted slob, and his beautiful evil genius wife, Anti-Neptunia.

Debut appearance(s): Anti-Cosmo, Anti-Wanda, Anti-Neptunia and Anti-Astronov

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Foop

Bad Luck 101.png
20 I, Timmybot Getting tired of seeing Timmy being humiliated by everyone, Ivan wishes to turn Timmy into a robot.

Vicky Head Gag: Timmy turns into a robot

I, Timmybot.png
21 Spouse Swapped! When trying to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Astronov & Neptunia, Cosmo divorces Wanda and leaves her with Poof due to a misunderstanding, and Neptunia divorces Astronov after arguing with him not too long afterwards. Soon after, Neptunia falls in love with Cosmo, they both get together and go to Cosmo's mother, Mama Cosma, who despises Wanda after she "stole" Cosmo from her, but takes a liking towards Neptunia. Meanwhile, Astronov gets together with Wanda, whom he had a crush on in high school, and they both go to Wanda's father, Big Daddy, who despises Cosmo, but approves Astronov. Things start to go downhill when Cosmo and Wanda, while they have no problem getting used to their new loves and enjoy it at first, they slowly start missing each other, which forces both Timmy and Ivan to go to Fairy World to get things right. In order to win back the respect of their spouses, Cosmo, Neptunia, Wanda and Astronov must compete on a Fairy World game show hosted by the God of Love himself, Cupid.

Debut appearance(s): Cupid, Mama Cosma, Big Daddy and Wallet

Guest star: Tony Sirico as Big Daddy.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Cupid

Spouse Swapped!.png
22 Ingenious Valentine Depressed on not having a Valentine, A.J. required Timmy and Ivan's help to find him one. After sending his profile on the internet, A.J. has received a message from a smart girl named Charlotte who, just like A.J., was also trying to find a Valentine as well. Charlotte has moved from Seattle to Dimmsdale and surprisingly met A.J, who wore more cool clothes thanks to Timmy's wish. After telling each other about themselves, Charlotte wanted to see A.J.'s lab which is far less advanced than her own. Will A.J. tell her the truth of his true colors?

Debut appearance(s): Charlotte

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a Valentines card with her face shown on it

Ingenious Valentine.png
23 Timmy Churchkitten After being at Trixie's birthday party, Ivan has a sleepover at Timmy's house, and Cosmo, Wanda, Astronov and Neptunia tell Ivan and Timmy a bedtime story about a kitten who lives with the church's pastor, a mouse and a dog.

Vicky Head Gag: Vicky replaced with Sparky

Timmy Churchkitten.png
24 Kid Skylark Chip is planning to perform a concert with his father, Chip Skylark II, but Timmy accidentally wishes for Chip Skylark to become a kid, and so Ivan, Astronov & Neptunia must find a way to bring Chip back to adulthood.

Debut appearance(s): Christie Glamorpuss, Skip Sparkypants, Chip Skylark II and Sandra Skylark

Guest star: Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip Skylark and Skip Sparkypants.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Skip Sparkypants

Kid Skylark.png
25 The Old Wisheroo Timmy & Ivan wish for mind-switching top hats, but things slowly start going out of control as they begin to switch minds with other kids and adults in Dimmsdale.

Debut appearance(s): Missy, Kristina Wilson, Tony, and Anne

Guest stars: Dannah Phirman as Missy, Billy West as Tony and Katey Sagal as Anne

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a mixed version of Timmy and Ivan

The Old Wisheroo.png
26 Channel Overwish When Ivan & Timmy have a few days off, they decide to wish themselves into the world of television to escape reality of their lives for a bit. Unfortunately, their carelessness with magic leads to Vicky taking over the world in the future, and now both Timmy & Ivan must stop her to prevent the destruction of Dimmsdale, while escaping a mysterious masked man and an attractive masked woman that are trying to track them down.

Guest stars: Drake Bell as adult Timmy Turner and Daniella Monet as adult Tootie.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Bad Future Chester

Channel Overwish.png
27 Rags and Riches Ivan meets Remy Buxaplenty, a rich boy who can be anything better than both him and Timmy. Timmy also informs him that he has a fairy godparent, known as Juandissimo Magnifico, Wanda's ex-boyfriend and Astronov's bully. Remy discovers Ivan's fairies, Astronov and Neptunia, but doesn't want to be friends with a poor kid, and challenges him to a magical duel, the loser of which has to spend a week without his fairy godparents.

Debut appearance(s): Remy Buxaplenty (official appearance) and Juandissimo Magnifico

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Juandissimo

Rags and Riches.png
28 Icky Lover Vicky is hit by one of Cupid's arrows, which were stolen, and she falls in love with Timmy, becoming much nicer towards him, much to Ivan's disgust, and it also gets Tootie jealous. Timmy enjoys it at first, but then he slowly starts getting creeped out. It's up to Ivan, his fairy godparents and Tootie to find the culprit who stole Cupid's bow and arrows and put Vicky out of her love trance.

Vicky Head Gag: Face turns from a scowl to a smile with hearts in her eyes

Icky Lover.png
29 Fairly Odd Pretty News After wishing up and editing a live news cast, Chip Skylark's Manager, aka, "The guy from the record company", offered Timmy, Ivan and friends to be a news cast. Timmy and Ivan on sports, A.J. and Charlotte as evening news co-hosts, Chester and Tootie on weather, and Trixie in gossip. Unfortunately, Trixie has gone overboard with her job, and magic can't stop it, since Trixie loves her new job a lot. It's up to Timmy and Ivan to figure out this problem themselves.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Trixie

Fairly Odd Pretty News.png
30 Timmy on Ice Ivan, being a huge fan of ice hockey, wants Timmy to join a pee-wee hockey team. Timmy wanted to be on the same team as Trixie Tang, only to be kicked out of the team by the popular kids. Ivan also tries to join Trixie's team, because of Veronica on the team, only to get kicked out too. Thus, both Timmy and Ivan make their own pee-wee hockey team, consisting of them and their friends. But soon, their team must face off against Trixie's, and sibling rivalry stirs up between Timmy and Timantha when Timantha's revealed to be on Trixie's hockey team, putting them in direct competition.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Tad

Timmy on Ice.png
31 Super Mayhem After reading the latest issue of the Crimson Chin, Timmy, Ivan and friends jumped into the book to help defeat the Nega-Chin and his associates by using an unlimited source of power before Chincinnati is destroyed.

Debut appearance(s): Crimson Chin, Nega-Chin, Cleft, Cleftina, General Ivan, the Chin-Hounds, Captain Astronov, Assistant Neptunia, Matter Muncher Lad, Professor A.J., Bouncing Boil, Sonic Youth, Wonder Gal, Hawk Gal, Dr. Croctopus, Baby Shredder, Bull-E, Bronze Kneecap and Spatula Woman

Guest Star: Jay Leno as Crimson Chin and Nega-Chin

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to the Crimson Chin

Super Mayhem.png
32 Teenage Mutant Fairly OddNinja Turtles Wanting to go to another world to see reptiles in action, Timmy wished himself and his fairies to another world where he met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Guest stars: Seth Green as Leonardo, Sean Astin as Raphael, Greg Cipes as Michelangelo, Nolan North as the Kraang and other TMNT 2012 cast members.

Teenage Mutant Fairly OddNinja Turtles.png
33 The Great Fairy Caper Timmy, Ivan and Charlotte are reporters who travel to Britain to interview a rich victim of jewel thieves and help her along with her secretary, Trixie Tang.

Debut appearance(s): Brianna Bailey and Swap

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Brianna Bailey

The Great Fairy Caper.png
34 The Origin of Vicky's Ickyness Timmy and Ivan wonder why Vicky is so evil towards children, and wish for a Time Scooter and go see Vicky's childhood 10 years before to find out why she's so mean and cruel.

Guest star: H. Jon Benjamin as Benjamin Woolworth

Debut appearance(s): Benjamin Woolworth

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Doidle

The Origin of Vicky's Ickyness.png
35 Un-Turnerly Demise After exploring the new and improved Dynamite Museum, there was a sizzling noise meaning that the building was about to blow up. Everyone believes Timmy was responsible and it was up to Ivan to find out how it happened.

Vicky Head Gag: Timmy disappears

Un-Turnerly Demise.png
36 The Evil Wedding Breakers Mark Brown wants to marry Princess Mandie, so that they could become the most evil couple in the world and destroy Timmy & his friends. However, Adam, Ivan, Timmy & the rest must stop him.

Guest stars: Seth Green as Adam Williams & Nolan North as Mark Brown

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mark Brown

The Evil Wedding Breakers.png
37 Second Rate Popular Birthday Veronica's birthday slowly approaches, and Ivan can't think of a perfect gift for her. Timmy and Timantha both agree to help him out, alongside Timantha's and Veronica's best friend, Trixie.

Debut appearance(s): Katty

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a birthday cake with her face shown

Second Rate Popular Birthday.png
38 The Modiwishers Timmy wishes for Dimmsdale to turn into a 1960's style city and to become Agent Timmy, a master of disguise, similar to Agent Xero from "The Modifyers".

Vicky Head Gag: Everything turns black and white

The Modiwishers.png
39 Winners Don't Use Magic Ivan and Timmy, both being very good at video games, wish for life to be more like a video game.

Vicky Head Gag: Vicky turns holographic

Winners Don't Use Magic.png
40 Interuniversal Wish Timmy, Ivan and others go to parallel universes made accessible by Ivan's latest wish. The parallel universes they go to have various differences that Timmy and others were not expecting.

Debut appearance(s): Troy Tang, Vern, Chestilla McBadbat, Anthea James, Cosma and Wando, Ricky, Tristian, Denzette Crocker and Nigel-Night Crocker.

Guest star(s): Nancy Cartwright as Troy Tang and Mr. Lawrence as Nigel-Night Crocker.

Vicky Head Gag: Astronov and Neptunia switch heads

Interuniversal Wish.png
41 Dark Laser's Journey Dark Laser tells a story on how he escaped the Unwish Island.

Debut appearance(s): Imaginary Gary, Super Bike, Super Toilet, Sphinx, and The Pumpkinator

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Dark Laser

Dark Laser's Journey.png
42 The Platinum Spears Ivan dreams of being a popular musician, and wishes to become one. Then, he is noticed by Britney Britney, who invites Ivan to tour with her as a backup singer. Ivan, excited that he's touring with another musician, agrees to the proposal.

Debut appearances(s): Britney Britney, Bucky McBadbat, Martha James, Anthony James Sr and Mr. Bickles

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mr. Bickles

The Platinum Spears.png
43 From a Wimp to a Bully After being bullied by Francis, both Timmy and Ivan wonder how he became a bully in the first place. Both Timmy and Ivan use the Time Scooter to go back to Francis' childhood to find out why.

Debut appearances(s): Mange, Larry and Sheila Callahan

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Francis

From a Wimp to a Bully.png
44 Operation: Board Attack! Ivan, Stan and the Amber family have been acting constantly boring and dull thanks to the Pixies. So, it was up to Timmy, Sally and their fairies to do what they can to stop the pixies before everyone and everything on Earth is permanently boring forever.

Debut appearance(s): Head Pixie (H.P.), Sanderson and other Pixies, Sally Amber and Stan, Mary Amber, Harry Amber, Stuart Amber and Rebecca Amber

Guest star: Ben Stein as Head Pixie and Sanderson

Note: This episode is corresponded with it's spin-off, The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a Pixie

Operation Board Attack!.png
45 Dental Catastrophe Ivan goes to the dentist, unaware of Dr. Bender's mean spirit. Meanwhile, Astronov was taken to the Fairy World Hospital to be cured of his fairy flu.

Debut appearance(s): Dr. Bender, Wendell and Dr. Rip Studwell

Guest star: Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Bender and Wendell

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Dr. Rip Studwell

Dental Catastrophe.png
46 Betty and Veronica Veronica's cousin Betty Star has come for a visit, and Veronica does not like it one bit. After telling how better Betty is than her in everything, Ivan, Timmy and friends do whatever it takes to make Veronica a more accomplished and challenging person in order to give Betty a piece of her mind.

Debut appearance(s): Betty Star, Liane Star, Doug Dimmadome and Schnozmo Cosma

Guest star: Dana Carvey as Schnozmo.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Betty

Betty and Veronica.png
47 Nut-i-er Business Ivan has joined the Squirrely Scouts, but it was not what he'd expected.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a badge

Nut-i-er Business.png
48 One Crock After Another Timmy and Ivan help Crocker's nephew Kevin to get over his fear of crocodiles.

Debut appearance(s): Kevin Crocker and Dolores-Day Crocker

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Mrs. Crocker

One Crock After Another.png
49 Car Unwash In order to make money to save the beavers being endangered, Timmy and Ivan plans on helping the school with its funds by having a car wash. Little did they know, Vicky was eavesdropping, and plans on taking the money for herself.

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to a dollar

Car Unwash.png
50 The End of Dimmsdale Ivan came to Timmy's house with none other than Turbo Thunder, who has informed Timmy that he has to continue his Chosen One duties. Turbo explains that there is a second dimension and the one in charge of power is his 2nd dimension counterpart. Later, Molly and Dwight showed up and decided to help Timmy by staying in their dimension, informing Timmy if there's any changes going on as Timmy, Ivan, their fairies, friends and Turbo make their way into the second dimension.

Debut appearance(s): Turbo Thunder, Molly, Dwight, Mrs. Dinglefitz, Mr. Dinglefitz, 2.D. Turbo Thunder, 2.D. Timmy, 2.D. Tootie, 2.D. Chester, 2.D. A.J., 2.D. Trixie, 2.D. Veronica, 2.D. Charlotte

One-Time appearance(s): 2.D. Turbo Thunder, Black Lightning and Turbo-bots

Guest Stars: Brendan Fraser as Turbo Thunder and 2.D. Turbo Thunder

Vicky Head Gag: Head turns to Turbo Thunder

The End of Dimmsdale.png
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