Tara Turner - Utrere is the 19 year old sister of Timmy Turner who is a mean and torturous babysitter.


She likes screaming to Timmy and his fairies. Her best friends are Vicky and Kevin Tribune. She hates kids, laughs, joy, happy songs and games,but most of all, PARENTS. She acts like she doesn't have soul and feelings, but deep inside she is sensitive and emotional. She cares a lot about her image and tries to be prettier than any other babysitter in Dimmsdale.

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Tara has dark brown eyes and wavy dirty blonde hair,which likes place them as a bun. She often wears a dark peach lip gloss and she likes putting black colors around her eyes.

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Timmy didn't know they were siblings. He just knew her as a very mean neighbor. But neither she knew it. After Timmy's mom lent her Timmy's baby album,she took it home and found out that they almost looked the same,she started thinking they had a connection from the past. After that she took out blood from her and Timmy's arm, and after the examinings, it was shown they were siblings. So she became his new babysitter and started bullying him. She wanted to do to him what she lived in her childhood.

Today Tara

Today Tara is married to Ben Utrere and has a son, Tim Utrere. Her husband Ben is 22,and her son 8.

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