Tangy Orange Zest is an Unknown Fairy Baby. She loves ANYTHING that tastes Tangy, hence her name.


Tangy is a respectful, caring, kind Fairy Baby that loves to read books; Especially Romance Novels and Sagas. She was born after the birth of Wanda Fairywinkle, Revealing she is at least 10,000 years old, Since Fairies are immortal.


Tangy is an optimistic, naive, sophisticated, mature, frisky, smart baby with a snarky sense of humor and and taste of style. Because of her old age (10,000 years old), She is much more mature than other babies her age.


Tangy's Origin is so far unknown, But there are many hypothisis

Tangy grown up

'. Like:

  • She was adopted
  • She was kidnapped at birth



To Tangy's Knowlage, She has no Family History.


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