This is the 5th episode of season 10. Written by TG and co-written by DS.


Wanda says that she and Cosmo and Poof need to get out of town and that they've rented a new FishBowl. When they arrive, Poof starts seeing starnge things... Old fish..... Possibly ghosts... Poof tries to tell his parents, but Wanda says to just go out and try to make freinds for thier stay. Poof meets a strand group of faries called "The Group Of The Dead". Poof senses something evil within them. A near-by DogFish starts barking at them. Then, Poof gets chased into a graveyard to discover that all the kids she met... Are dead... He warns Cosmo & Wanda and they say they know... The one who let them rent the place was dead too! Then they try to escape, but are cornered by T.G.O.T.D. They use thier wands to poof back to Timmy's room, and Poof catches a glance of a NEW family of faries moving into the SAME FishBowl... END?


  • Mystic, AGIAN, dosen't appear in this episode.
  • The episode parodies "Welcome To Dead House" by R.L. Stine.
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