Mario Mario is the main, main character of the show. He's a medium average plumber in the shorts.


Luigi Mario is an other main character, Mario's brother. He is scared of ghosts(Boos in games like Super Mario World(game))

Princess Toadstool(Peach)

Princess Toadstool(Peach in Australia) is another main character, defending herself from Bowser.


Yoshi is a another main character, he's a green dinosaur, he's scared of water, but likes eating fruits.

Timmy Turner

We all know who he is, but in here, he is so so shocked, that he became friends with Yoshi, causing him(Timmy) hyper to wish clones of Yoshi.

Cosmo Cosma

We know him also, but here he is a little more smarter, he's a little hyper.

Wanda Fairywinkle

We know her, but here, she's more nicer, and a little bit more happier, she is angry about Anti-Fairies coming here

Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma

We know him, but here he speaks now and now bullies Foop.

Sparky's absent here


Bowser is the main villain, he made a pipe so Anti-Fairies help him.


Snoozmo is a Cosmo Clone. He sneezes every time Timmy makes a wish.


We know him


Anti-Timmy has two fairly godparents: Anti-Wanda and Anti-Cosmo


Yoshimmy is a form of Timmy, mixed-up of him and Yoshi.


Ron is uhhh Timmy's stepbrother


Season 1

Epsiode Airdate Episode # Info
Crashing into Dinosaur World June 11, 2045 01A Timmy meets Mario and gang
Cosmo!!!! O_O Same as 01A 01B Cosmo eats Yoshi's fruit!
Poofin up June 17, 2045 02A Poof is hungry! So Wanda feeds him fruits!
Vicky comes! Same as 02A 02B Vicky comes in Dinosaur World and babysits Timmy  and Mario kicks her
The 1ST Movie June 22, 2045 03

Part 1: Timmy and Cosmo are getting crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy!

Part 2: Yoshi is havin' a fruit party!!!!

A Baby Yoshi June 26, 2045 04A Yoshi lays an egg with and his wife Yoshette, is so happy! It hatches! Timmy starts to do tears of joy!!! Poof is impressed. The baby yoshi's name is Alan.
What?!?! Same as 04A 04B Timmy wishes that he was a yoshi.
Timmy with joy July 2, 2045 05A Alan is happy with Timmy!
Poofity, Poof, Poof! July 2, 2045 05B Poof gets way too adorable!
Cisme and Wondi July 7, 2045 06A Cosmo and Wanda turn into French Fairies.
Temmu, Marie, Luigu,  and Toaststool July 7, 2045 06B Continuing from 06A, Timmy, The Mario Bros. and Toadstool turn French.
French Toast! July 7, 2045 06C Continuing, the gang eat french toast.
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