Sunny's Pirate Adventure/Quotes

(The Carmichael Home; Timmy, Ivan, Poof and Sunny play a pirate board game; Timantha polishes her nails; Chloe watching TV and Cosmo, Wanda, Astronov and Neptunia as fish play fish)
Wanda: Got any threes?
Cosmo: Nope, go me.
(fairies laugh)
Cosmo: It's been a while since we've done this.
(camera points to Timmy and Ivan)
Timmy: Okay, this one is for all the marbles Ivan.
Ivan: (sweating) I don't know.
Poof: Come on!
Sunny: You can do it!
Ivan: Okay. (stops sweating) Here we go.
(dramatic music plays as the camera gets a close up until Ivan shakes the dice and tosses it into the board game and gets six)
Ivan: Yes! Just the number I need! (place a board game version of himself on the X) I got the treasure! YEAH!! (jumps on top of the table and does a victory dance while victory music plays; he tap dances, backwards sliding, invisible guitar playing, picks up the board game and slams it in the ground, breaking it in half)
Sunny: My board game!
(Cosmo, Wanda, Astronov and Neptunia pop out of the fish bowl into the fairy form as everyone else looks and stares surprised)
Ivan: Gee, I'm really sorry, Sunny. I just get real competitive when it comes to board games.
Timmy: (sarcastically) You don't say?
(flashback of the last time Ivan won at a board game against Timmy, Chester, A.J., Elmer and Sanjay)
Ivan: Whoooo!! Bo-yah! (jumps on top of the table) Can't beat who you can't compete!
(Ivan kicks a drink aside as it flies and falls straight to Francis' face; Francis turned his head angrily)
Ivan: (points) They did it! (takes off)
(Francis' shadow appears in front of Timmy and friends as the flashback ended)
Ivan: Don't worry, Sunny, I could always buy you another board game.
Wanda: Actually, (poofs the broken board game back to normal) you don't have to with magic.
Sunny: You know, hearing the word board makes me get bored of board games. (yawns) And it gets me sleepy.
Neptunia: (yawns alongside Astronov) You're not kidding, princess.
(Astronov and Neptunia fall down on the floor and fell asleep)
Wanda: Now I see where you get your yawning from.
Chloe: So, what are you suggesting, Sunny?
Sunny: I want to go on a real pirate adventure. Something similar to the game.
Timantha: That sounds like fun.
Wanda: If you don't count having other pirates to fight.
Ivan: But there's no such thing.
Timmy: Actually, there is. We once accidentally travelled back in time when I wished to go to the baseball game with Dimmsdale Pirates, instead (stares at Poof) we had to fight real pirates.
Poof: Look, I said I was sorry. Besides, I barely had control of my magic at the time.
Sunny: What happened after that?
Cosmo: The lead pirate, Dirtybeard attacked Dimmsdale and took our wands.
Wanda: Actually, it was his parrot who was leading the parties the whole time and kept translating Dirtybeard's words wrong due to a chicken bone stuck in his throat.
Timmy: After we defeated the pirates, we were able to help out misunderstood Dirtybeard with his dream job.
Chloe: That's very generous of you guys. So, any thoughts of where to start our own pirate journey?
Timantha: Well, about a week ago, I did see what appears to be a pirate map down at the Dimmsdale Beach. We should start there.
Timmy: Perfect. I wish we were at the beach!
(Astronov and Neptunia appear still sleeping)
Timmy: Just as soon as they wake up.

(Dimmsdale Beach; The kids and fairies found the pirate map)
Timantha: There it is... (along with other off-screen voices) the pirate map!
All: Huh?
(separate screens show Sally, Stan and Eliza, Trixie, Remy, Juandissimo and Blonda, Kristina, Tony and Anne and Betty and Schnozmo walking up to Timmy and the gang)
Remy: Well, looks like we're all on the same deal.
Ivan: You guys want to be pirates too?
Sally: Yeah, I was playing a pirate board game at home when I've decided to get real on the game.
Cosmo: What a coincidence, we're went through the same as well.
Juandissimo: Us dos!
Kristina, Tony and Anne: Us three!
Betty: Same here.
Chloe: Well, now that we're all here, what do you say we all get started on the most (picks up the pirate map) tremendous, outstanding pirate adventure of our lives?
All: Yeah!!
(the fairies wave their wands;PIRATE POOF!;a giant pirate ship appear on the ocean)
Timantha: Now, let's head on deck and get this day started!
(as everyone make their way to their pirate ship, Kristina grabs Timmy by the back of his shirt)
Kristina: Hold on a minute Timmy. I'd like to have a word with you.
Tony: Oh boy, Kristina's showing the straight face.
Anne: We'll leave you two alone.
(Tony and Anne take off scared)
Kristina: A little bird told me you've had a party with kids and their godparents...
Tony: (voice) That's me! ...well, disguised as a bird at the time I told her.
Kristina: And yet, I'm the only fairy godchild you didn't invite!
Timmy: Oh, gosh, I am so sorry Kristina. (pull out his list) I thought for sure I've written your name down or maybe I've forgotten.
Kristina: Why is there hard glue on the bottom?
Timmy: Uh, I might have a theory...
(flashback to Timmy writing down the names)
Timmy: And... there. (stomach makes noise; Timmy takes off fast) Bathroom!
(Timmy's fast paste made the glue fell down on the invitation paper; the squirted glue concealed Kristina, Tony and Anne's names)
Timmy: (voice) Ugh! I need to lay off the Dimma-dunk donuts!
(end of flashback)
Kristina: So, you really meant to invite me? One question in mind, why did Sally's little sister Mary come along when she herself is not a godchild?
Timmy: It's a sister thing.
Kristina: And what about this Wishing Ten team I've heard so much about? Why not just call it, "The Wishing Eleven" and have me tag along?
Timmy: Wishing Eleven? That doesn't sound right.
Kristina: Yeah, hearing the name from someone than myself, that sounds less entertaining. (sigh)
Timmy: Tell you what, I'll let you and your fairies join our team for occasional reasons.
Kristina: What kind of occasional reasons?
Timmy: You can be our eyes and ears against our fairy hunting enemies.
Kristina: You mean, like an oracle?
Timmy: Exactly!
Kristina: Wow, just like Blackbird's female friend! Okay, Timmy, you got a deal!
(Timmy and Kristina shake on it)

(The ship sails; everyone wearing pirate uniforms; Betty inside the ship talking to Kristina)
Betty: So, what's your angle on your misery, Kristina? Neglectful parents? Evil, abusive babysitters? Not having as many friends as you want?
Kristina: Well, it's part of the parents thing you asked about earlier. Long story short, my dad has a rivalry with my best friend's dad. They constantly argue about how they both save lives due to the jobs they have leaving my mother and Missy's mom to break up the fights and having me clean up the hair my mom cuts with the job she has. I mean, do I even get a thank you for at least helping out to keep a place spotless? No!
Betty: (frustrated groan) You and me both, sister. Every day, before and after school in New Orleans, I'm left behind to do all the cleaning around the house while my parents are out doing... whatever a rich parent does.
Kristina: Huh. Guess you and I aren't so different after all. Before I had my fairies, I used to get away with it by pulling the emergency button and shouting, "fire!"
Betty: (laughs) Classic. Whenever I'm exhausted after an early morning cleaning, I just simply manipulate and seduce the boys in my class to do my school work for me.
Kristina: And I take it you used to take it out on your cousin Veronica during her visits.
Betty: Hey, we've set aside our past, remember? Even if I'm smarter and older than her by one month.
Kristina: Well, I'm glad we had this chat. Come on, we've got some pirating to do. (walk out)
Betty: (follows Kristina) Aye-aye.

(outside in the front of the ship)
Schnozmo: Two Green Beards for the price of one, huh, little bro?
Cosmo: You bet! Green is my favorite color after all.
Timantha: I thought your favorite color was bleach.
Cosmo: Nah, I'm over bleach.
(music plays)
(A Pirate's Life is the Perfect Life for Me)
Sally: ♪We are salty scurvy sailing pirates who sailed the seven seas♪
Betty: ♪A pirate's life is the perfect life♪
Sally and Betty: ♪The perfect life for me♪
Sally: ♪We've made a wish to sail above the fish♪
Kristina: (to Tony trying to catch some under the ocean) No time to cook em, see!
All: ♪A pirate's life is the perfect life, the perfect life for me♪ Hey!
Timantha: ♪Ahoy, me heartys! Fog is mighty green♪
Wanda: Speaking of which...
Schnozmo: (nearly stealing their own dabloons) What?
Cosmo: What do you mean?
Timmy: ♪Yo-ho-ho! Everybody say...♪
All: Arrrgg!!
Anne: ♪We are salty scurvy sailing pirates who sailed the seven seas♪
Tony: ♪A pirate's life is the perfect life♪
Tony and Anne: ♪The perfect life for me♪
Astronov: (float away from the dirty dishes) We made no wish to wash one dish.
Chloe: ♪Just fun for you and me♪
All: ♪A pirate's life is the perfect life, the perfect life for me♪ Hey!
Eliza: ♪Fight off other pirates and stealing their booty♪
Stan: She means treasure.
Trixie: Now I feel more snooty.
Remy: (raise his hand) Same.
Ivan: ♪Yo-ho-ho! Everybody say...♪
All: Arrrgg!!
Blonda: All together now!
All: ♪We are salty scurvy sailing pirates who sailed the seven seas♪
♪ A pirate's life is the perfect life♪
♪ The perfect life for me♪
♪ We've made a wish to sail above the fish♪
♪ (to Cosmo trying to catch some under the ocean) No time to cook em, see♪
♪ A pirate's life is the perfect life, the perfect life for me♪
Juandissimo: Si!
♪ A pirate's life is the perfect life, the perfect life for meeee!!♪
(songs ends)

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