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Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof go to travel across a world in 30 hours. They bring Timmy´s friends too... and thanks to that, can see fairies! Timmy must go home at 30 hours and quickly to friends erase memories!

Timmy in New York

Timmy, Trixie and Tootie in Paris

Timmy in Cambonia

Timmy in Brussels

Timmy and Chester in Athens

Timmy and Tootie in Sydney

Timmy in Berlin

Timmy in Egypt

Tina is back to Slovakia

Bella is back in Barcelona

Timmy in Moscow

Anime Timmy and Tootie in Tokio

Back in Dimmsdale!

Bonus on DVD:

20 episodes- 10 real and 10 fan

game- Around the World in 30 Hours

About some characters

About recording

languages ​​and subtitles:





Slovak ( only subtitles )

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