"Next time you decide to drive, please don't put Assistant Neptunia behind the wheel."
— Stuttgarter
Species: Automobile
Personal Information
  Superhero car
  Comic Book Earth
The Chin-Hounds
Captain Astronov, Assistant Neptunia and Kitty Sunny
General Ivan
Squirrelly Chloe
Professor A.J.
Matter Muncher Lad
Sonic Youth
Bouncing Boil
Wonder Gal
Hawk Gal
Crimson Chin
Golden Locks
Hair Razor
Bronze Kneecap
Zinc Stomach
Iron Lung
Copper Cranium
Brass Knuckles
Gilded Arches
Titanium Toenail
Golden Gut
Spatula Woman
Doctor Croctopus
The Baby Shredder
Venom Lips
Beverly Boulevard (former owner)
Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia (owners)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  "Crimson Chaos"
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

The Stuttgarter is an intelligent souped-up German sports car that is provided by General Ivan and Beverly Boulevard as a means of transportation for Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia in the Crimson Chin and Golden Locks comics. When not in use, it is stored inside a hidden garage somewhere in Chincinnati.


The Stuttgarter is a primary mode of transportation for both Captain Astronov and Assistant Neptunia. The car can also talk, which is a feature added by General Ivan, and sometimes likes to crack a few jokes.

The car said to seat up to 5 people (2 in the front and 3 in the back), and is very fast, making it ideal for chasing criminals and supervillains or getting to the destination on time.

The Stuttgarter has a built-in scanner that scans the people inside the car, to classify them as civilians, criminals, superheroes or supervillains. It doesn't mind seating various superheroes or civilians inside, but won't accept it when supervillains or criminals try to drive it. If a supervillain or a criminal tries to drive the Stuttgarter, it will activate the ejector seat, throwing them out.

The car's engine is activated by pressing the "Engine Start/Stop" button.


The Stuttgarter's appearance is based on a Porsche 968 coupe. The car is colored red, matching the Crimson Chin's and Cleft's suit colors, and has yellow pop-out headlights, matching the Crimson Chin's eye colors.

The Stuttgarter has plenty of gadgets, including airbags, boxing gloves and ejector seats. It also has a boat mode, allowing the car to drive on water, and a submersible mode, allowing the car to drive underwater.

Much like Mark Chang, the Stuttgarter also has a cloaking device similar to the Fake-i-fier or iFake, with which the car can hide it's true form and disguise itself as another vehicle, like a truck, a luxury sedan or a police car. Much like with the Fake-i-fier malfunctioning from affection, the Stuttgarter's cloaking device can malfunction if someone dents the car.

Stuttgarter's voice is similar to Klaus from American Dad.

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