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Spellemenatary School 3 is the 23rd episode of Season 17 References/Trivia Goofs Quotes More Info Appearances

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Today is Angel's First day at Spellemeantary School! But, Anti-Angel has started too, And she has the same class that Angel has! Anti-Angel plans to get Angel in trouble so she could get suspended, But Poof and The Baby Gang must defend Angel from Anti-Angel! What challenges will the Gang face to help Angel out and make this her First Best Day ever without Anti-Angel ruining it?


Angel has just started Spellementary School! And today is her first day! Unfortunately, It is also Anti-Angel's First day as well, And she has planned to get Angel in so much trouble, She would get suspended from the School Grounds! But Poof won't stand for that, And nether will the other Fairy Babies! So while Anti-Angel prepares for her Evil Plan to unfold, The other babies wait for their cue to jump in and defend Angel. Angel is writing in her Math Book with her Magic Markers when Anti-Angel doodles all over hers. Then, When Angel wasn't looking, Anti-Angel atomatically switches Books and yells to Ms.Powers that Angel had doodled all over her book. Ms.Powers then scolds Angel and sends her out to the hallway for a Time-Out. The whole class then stares at Angel, Who starts talking Gibberous, Trying to say she had done no such thing, But the class and Ms. Powers still stare angrily and dumbfounded at her. Angel then bows her head in shame (And embarresment) and floats out of the room (and angrily slams the door shut).

At Recess, The Plan starts to release the Worst of it's Fury. Anti-Angel gives Cadde a Wedgie and tells Ms.Powers what had happened and blames it on Angel, Who was standing right next to Cadde, Who is crying in pain with her diaper over her head. Ms.Powers then takes Angel to the Principle (Unknown).

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