Spellementary School
Spellementary School
Vital statistics
Type School
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Location Fairy World
Inhabitants Mrs. Powers
Sammy Sweetsparkle
Goldie Goldenglow
Eddie Elf

Spellementary School is a preschool where magical beings go to learn how to control their magic. In the episode "A Sunny Storm", Poof and Sunny seem to be the most popular kids and they get the questions right, but Foop and Anti-Sunny always get them wrong.


Poof and Foop attended this school to practice their magic. The class teacher is Mrs. Powers and some of her students include Leprechauns, Elves, and lawn gnomes. At Spellementary School, when the day reaches its end, everything goes back to how it was when school started, as a literal interpretation on the term "saved by the bell."


The school is a normal school building floating on a rock the size of a normal school compound in the middle of deep space. The air outside is breathable and there are no other structures there besides a few trees (some of which house tree elves) and a playground to the side. The school itself is a white building with purple roofs.





  • According to Cosmo, he never went to Spellementary School, which is a likely an explanation for how he can't control his magic and causes a large amount of destruction.
  • Unlike Cosmo, Neptunia has attended Spellementary School. However, she barely passed.
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