Sparkleworks got her name by her using her rattle a lot and by using fireworks. She has all the colors of the rainbow. Except her form color is red. She hasen't had her first form yet. She is the 11th Fairy baby born in thousands of years; So she is alot younger then Angel. And appearantly Poof has a secret crush on her. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball. She loves Lightning, Fireworks, and Rainbows, so that is how she got her name, Sparkleworks! Her eyes are Green and her attitude is sometimes slim and rude.But mostly she is a kind little troublemaker. Jorgan Von Strangle (Toughest Fairy in the Universe) changed Da Rules and re-legallized Fairy Babies. {C {C



For her theme song, Click here!


  • Bink Bink


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