Southparkfan23's Fairly Odd Stories

Created by

WikiaIvan1997 for Southparkfan23

Directed by

Butch Hartman

Number of seasons


Number of episodes


Southparkfan23's Fairly Odd Stories is a series of various stories created by WikiaIvan1997 for Southparkfan23 in order for him not to interfere with The All New Fairly OddParents!, The Amazing Adventures of Sally and Stan and The Fairly OddParents: The Next Generation. All future episodes written by Southparkfan23 will go here.


# Title Brief Summary Title Card
1 The Booby Bird Adventure Timmy and his fairies compete with Ivan and his Fairies in a round the world race as Booby Birds while involved in a jewel-smuggling operation. The Booby Bird Adventure
2 Virtual In-Sally-ity Sally tries out a virtual reality machine during a science show and is so impressed with it that she wishes to have it at home. TBA
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