Solarview and Windypool Beginnings/Quotes

(The Prestonovich's house, Ivan's room)
Ivan: Thanks for helping me out with my homework, Chloe.
Chloe: You're welcome.
(Timmy and his fairies appear in Ivan's room)
Timmy: What's up, Ivan?
Ivan: Nothing much, I've been doing some homework with my girlfriend.
Sunny: Mom, dad, I've been meaning to ask you something.
Neptunia: What is it?
Sunny: How did you first meet each other?
Astronov: You really want to know how me and your mother first met?
Chloe: Yeah!
Ivan: I'm sure it must be an interesting story.
Poof: I would love to hear how you two first met each other.
(Timmy, Ivan, Chloe, Sunny and Poof sit down)
Timmy: I'll bet it was pretty romantic.
Neptunia: In a way, it was romantic.
Astronov: We first met during our Spellementary School years.
Chloe: I wonder how you two looked like back then?
Wanda: I'll get the Carl Poofy Pants High School yearbook so you can have a look.
(Wanda poofs up the school yearbook and opens in up, showing pictures of fairies in the past)
Timmy: Okay, I see Cosmo, Wanda, Dr. Rip Studwell...but I don't see you guys in here.
Astronov: I'm over here. (points to a picture of his younger self)
Poof: You looked a lot gloomier back then.
Astronov: Well, that's because I didn't have the best time in school, but I'll get to that later.
Ivan: I wonder what Neptunia looked like at the time?
Neptunia: Not as beautiful as I am now. (points to a picture of her younger, nerdier self)
(the godkids shiver)
Timmy: Wow. I can't believe you used to look like that.
Chloe: I'm guessing you were like the Ugly Duckling.
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