Episode Overview:

  • Pilot-March 22,2002
  • Season 1-May 4,2012-TBA


  • Smarty Pants-March 22,2002-Timmy wishes to Become Smart but Troubles come when he is put in the School,s Academic Brain-a-thon as Da Rules say that Magic can't Help him win Competitions!

-Season I-

  • 1A-Nightmare in Dimmsdale-May 4,2012-Timmy Travels Thru The Dreams of his Parents and Friends and Godparents.
  • 1B-Wando Create-o-May 4,2012-Timmy Fixes Up Cosmo and Wanda,s Wands but with a Few Changes.
  • 2A-The X-Timmy 8000-May 5,2012-Timmy Creates a Robot Version of Himself So he wouldn't do his chores,But it Malafunctions and Turns against Him and the town.
  • 2B-Lucky Dawg-May 5,2012-Timmy adopts a dog named Joey and Builds him The most Luxuriest Doghouse in the world.
  • 3A-Captured Soap-May 9,2012-Timmy Creates A Bubble soap that Makes Indestructible Bubbles.
  • 3B-The Boss of Me 2-May 9,2012-Timmy Tries to make the Pencil Making Machines at His Dad,s Job work Better.
  • 4A-Liquid Of Fun-May 12,2012-Timmy Creates a Water Park for Fairy world.
  • 4B-DadBot-May 12,2012-Timmy Creates a Robot Dad For His X-Timmy 8000 Clone.
  • 5A-When Rich Kids Collide-May 23,2012-Timmy and Tootie Become Rich in the Future After Timmy Tells Tommy and Tammy To Tell their Parents to Invest in Cake N Bacon.
  • 5B-Welcome to Computerville-May 23,2012-Timmy Creates a Digital City of Dimmsdale.
  • 6B-Baby Brains-June 9th, 2012- After his newly-invented "Branic-Droolinator9000" zaps his Brain and shrinks it, Timmy is turned into a baby.
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