Shallow Stars
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Liane Star
Tiffany Kondo
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  Dinkleberg Rivalry Origins
Shallow Stars is a pop-rock duet formed by Liane Star and Tiffany Kondo in the 1980's.


Shallow Stars was formed in the early 1980's, and disbanded by the mid-80's. Both Liane and Tiffany sang. Liane played the keyboard while Tiffany played the guitar.



  • The band's name serves as a foreshadowing of the band members' futures: Tiffany's daughter, Trixie, is sometimes shallow, while Liane soon marries Matthew Star.
  • One of the band's songs, "Red Blush", was named after the song "Orange Crush" by the rock band R.E.M., from their 1988 album "Green".
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