Seesponges Family Reunion
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date June 21, 2012
Written by User: Anti-Cosmo Dude


Directed by User:Anti-Cosmo Dude
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Seesponges Family Reunion is the first half-hour episode of Fairly OddSeesponges!. The episode is directed by Butch Hartman. In this episode, Jenna, Quintin, Connor, Mr. Seesponges, and Mrs. Seesponges go to a family reunion. The special came out in June 2012.


It is a special weekend, and the morning is busy. The kids, Connor, Jenna, and Quintin have breakfast and then their parents drive them to the family reunion. While there, they meet many family members they haven't met before. The kids realize how large the family is.


The kids wake up on a very special day. Quintin was very tired since he didn't sleep for very long. They walk downstairs and quickly have cereal. Mr. Seesponges gets ready for the family reunion at the same time. Mrs. Seesponges packs everything the family needs for the reunion. It was going to be held in See Bernardino. On the way, Jenna, Connor, and Quintin read books. They stop at Hot Off the Function Table on the way. When the family finally reaches the reunion, they think there must be dozens of people there. Quintin eats all of the nachos and didn't share any of them. The first person Connor meets at the reunion is Jaden Seesponges. They high-five each other. Jenna meets Melina Seesponges and they introduce themselves. Mr. Seesponges meets Deb8 Seesponges and they watch Football in the TV room, even though they are both soccer fans. In the backyard, Connor and Jaden play a game of catch. Quintin kills a fly on a window and Aunt Seesponges gets very mad at him. A baby named Trevor Seesponges eats carrots upstairs and about a dozen people are up there watching him. Nicole Seesponges is outside and texts her friends who live back in See Angeles.

Quintin eats the rest of the food and everyone at the reunion was in the same room. They were all disappointed in Q and he called everyone in the reunion suckers. He was officially grounded for the next month. Quintin exploded. Connor then met Noah Seesponges. They went on adventures outside. It was now night time, and everyone started to leave. When the main family leaves, the house suddenly explodes, just like Quintin did. Luckily, everyone made it to safety. On the way home, the family visits Addition Burgers and Shakes. When they arrive at home, Mr. Seesponges asks the kids if they had a great time. Jenna and Connor said yes, but Quintin said no. He immediatly went to sleep and the other kids watched TV.


Butch Hartman was planning on creating an episode where the Seesponges Family goes on a reunion.


Daran Norris as Connor, Quintin, Noah, Mr. Seesponges, and Jaden

Tara Strong as Jenna, Melina, and Nicole

Jim Ward as Trevor

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