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California, the state that Seefornia references to.

Seefornia is a fanmade state in the United States. It is best known for being home to See Angeles, which is the main setting for Fairly OddSeesponges.


Seefornia is a lot like California, only underwater. There are two major mountain ranges, named the Seeara Nevada (reference to Sierra Nevada) and the Costal Ranges along the coast. In the center is a big valley called the Central Valley which is a good place for farming. Southeastern Seefornia is mostly desert and cacti. The state is prone to earthquakes.

Known Cities

  • See Angeles - As the largest city in Seefornia, See Angeles is the most important city. It is where the Seesponges Family lives. Known Sports Teams: See Angeles Rodgers, See Angeles Prince, See Angeles Planets, and See Angeles Mountains. (These are all the sports teams of See Angeles and they are all parodies of real teams). Though See Angeles is home to 4 million sea animals and many cars, it is not polluted.
  • See Diego - The City of See Diego is the second largest city in Seefornia. It is home to some famous parks and zoos. There's See World, The See Diego Zoo, Santee, and many more. The city made it's firts appearance in The Trip to See Diego.
  • Sea Jose - See Jose is a city that is yet to make an appearance in the show. It is located in the southern See Francisco bay area.
  • Sea Francisco - Sea Francisco is one of the most famous locations in all of Seefornia. It is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown.

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